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5 Ideas to Put Your Stamp on Your Wedding (and Marriage)

The institution of marriage has been around for a long time, and throughout all these years, different nationalities have created their own traditions. Today, some people still stick with these same traditions on their wedding day while others opt to make the day all their own.


No matter if you want to make your wedding day something totally unique or if you want to simply add a little flair to a traditional day, the following are five great ideas to help you put a stamp on your wedding and marriage.


1. Ditch the church.

Many couples opt to get married in a church, but there’s no rule that says you have to. Instead of going with the traditional route, ditch the church completely. Many priests are willing to travel to another destination for you, as long as you’re an active member of the church. So if you and your fiancé want to have your ceremony at the cute little park where you got engaged, go ahead. (Just make sure it’s okay with the city first.)


If you’re not religious, or if you simply don’t want a stranger to perform your ceremony, you can ditch the priest idea all together. Instead, have a friend or family member get ordained online and allow him or her to perform the ceremony instead. Your marriage will still be perfectly legal, and you’ll have someone you love who truly knows you and your fiancé help make the day even more special.


2. Customize your wedding band.

Your wedding ring is a symbol of your marriage, so why should you be stuck wearing something that every other bride or groom is wearing? Well, you don’t. Get a custom wedding band that depicts you true personality instead of a boring old gold or silver band. Not only will this be a conversation starter, but it will be a great way to add some unique flair to your wedding day, and every day after throughout your marriage.

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3. Liven up the ceremony.

Wedding ceremonies are beautiful, but you can make your ceremony even better for livening it up. For example, allow your bridesmaids to choose their own bridesmaid gowns instead of forcing them to wear something they don’t like. You could also ask your wedding party to dance down the aisle instead of walk, or ask the musician to play something more upbeat and fun instead of slow.


4. Serve different food.

Most weddings stick with the traditional wedding food, such as chicken, steak/beef, and some type of pasta. While this is perfectly fine, and while this will usually please every guest, you can spice up your wedding by serving something completely different. Add some items from your heritage, such as sausage, pierogis or even tacos, to the menu. If you’re limited to the traditional items, choose cupcakes or a chocolate fountain instead of a traditional wedding cake. Adding different items to the menu will certainly make your guests remember your wedding.

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5. Provide unique entertainment.

During most weddings, a DJ or a band seems to be the only entertainment provided. You can add flair to your wedding by providing something else. For example, if you are Irish, have some bagpipers play at your wedding or ask some local Irish dancers to perform during dinner. If you are a sports fanatic, see if you can get the mascot of your favorite team to make an appearance. You could also offer something completely unique, such as a face painter or a photo booth at your wedding too. Think of something that you love, and use it to entertain your guests.



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