5- Perfect destinations for a December Honeymoon

The Maldives is on paradise

After all the madness of the wedding, managing relative, get-together and full of fun, it’s now time to plan for the much-needed break and togetherness, your honeymoon. Going to one of your favorite places and that too in the budget can sometimes is a bigger task. To make your work easier, we have put together some of the best honeymoon destinations in December from around the world. So let’s get prepare leaving everything else behind to celebrate each other’s company and love for each other.

1.     Miami

Miami is one glamorous honeymoon destination

Miami is one glamorous honeymoon destination which is beautiful, glamorous and at the same time cool and fun. It is one of the most Romantic honeymoon destinations in December to travel. It has some of the coolest hotels which offer luxury, class and beautiful art décor in the world, where you can have the most memorable time of the year.

Miami Beach with turquoise water is one famous attraction where you can spend the time getting soaked in the sun for all day long. The south beach in Miami has some awesome bars at night that you can enjoy with your partner. Take a ride by renting a car or bike through the coolest vibes in Havana. For the couples, you can also go for a charter boat to witness Star Island and Fisher Island. If you are looking for something different for your holiday, Miami is just the place.

2.     Fanciful Fiji Islands

Fanciful Fiji IslandsWhimsical Fiji Island is ideal for the couple as you can walk hand in hand to celebrate your love in the hidden private beaches. Explore the famous dark- leaved jungle and beaches with sky blue waters to enjoy the sunset together. This place is one of the most exotic honeymoon destinations which provide you of so many amazing and beautiful beaches with some luxury villas where you can swim together experiencing the infinity pools. You can even take and pamper yourself with the famous couple spa, enjoy varieties of water sports together or dine in some romantic restaurant.

3.     Affordable Luxurious Bali, Indonesia

Affordable Luxurious Bali, IndonesiaBali is one place where you can relax; rejuvenate yourself after some very hectic and tiring days.  Treat yourself with some of the best experience and to kick-start to your new beginning. Bali is one place where you plan your honeymoon with affordable packages as it is the cheapest honeymoon destinations for the winter. The luxury island resort in Bali is an ideal place to spend your intimate beginning. It offers some splendid views with serene environment and stays.

Those who love adventure can go for parasailing, and adventure sports with your partner. Explore the city and environment while cycling together witnessing the beautiful greenery and drive through the village’s road. You can visit some of the amazing temples as Bali is gifted with culture and spiritualism to get to know about their culture and religion. Dose around on the beaches and have a wonderful get-together as Bali will guarantee to give you a unique and perfect honeymoon experience. Overall Bali is the perfect, best budget honeymoon destination in the world.  

4.     Royal Morocco

Royal MoroccoPlanning your honeymoon at some unique destination, then Morocco is the perfect international honeymoon destinations. Imagine your honeymoon visiting in the deserts enjoying the beaches with white sand and amazing blue water on the Mediterranean cliff. Couples who love a variety of cultures and are keen to learn about them, this is one of the best countries. Morocco is rich in its culture and religion. Have a walk on the beach and enjoy the most beautiful sunset with your partner while sipping the famous mint tea. It is one of the famous attractions to stay in the lodge in the middle of the desert where you can witness the open star-filled sky. What’s more romantic than spending time with your love under the ceiling full of stars?

5.     Maldives

The Maldives is on paradise which is also the perfect honeymoon gateway. The Maldives has some crystal clear water and most of the beaches are untouched by human feet which make it the most beautiful international honeymoon destinations in the world. You can have a most memorable; relaxing time with the complete piece as Maldives is never crowded. Enjoy the famous hut over the blue water in the Indian Ocean with a private cottage in Private Island, which guarantee you the fun with luxury.

Diving in the blue water waves and exploring the coral reefs with your favorite companion the lifetime experience, or you can hire a private yacht dolphin cruise to ride in the Indian Ocean. Take out some time out for an exotic couple spa to have some relaxing session. What’s better than owning your own private island and having a nice romantic candlelight dinner in a private pool at sunset? This place is one of the romantic honeymoon destinations.

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