The Good, Bad and Ugly of Wedding Cakes; Getting it done Right!


Change is inevitable. Thus, as time goes by, there is bound to be a change in traditions too. However, some traditions are worth retaining. Wedding cakes are one such customary concept. Ideally, the cake is served at the reception rather than at the main wedding. In most cases, it is served post or during dining. It is believed that the cake brings luck and happiness for the bride and the groom. Today, the cake is left on display during the wedding and hence, has become an important part of the wedding ceremony.

Huge wedding cakes with lots of tiers is the modern day trend – How to Pull it off!

Huge-wedding-cakeNow, while such cakes are used on many occasions, the wedding day cake is special for obvious reasons. It is therefore necessary that these cakes look amazing and actually help in commemorating the event. Most of the times, couples go for a customised cake depending upon the theme of the wedding rather than buying a readymade one. Moreover, customised cakes are much more exciting than the regular ones. With easy access to information via the internet, customising the cake shouldn’t be a problem. However, remember to stay within your limits and not get carried away with the ideas on the internet.

A cake has lot of elements and for it to taste and look nice, all of them need to come together correctly. Some of the major components of a wedding cake are –

  • Sweetness
  • Flavour
  • Texture
  • Sponginess
  • Number of tiers
  • Fake tiers or real tiers
  • The decoration at the top
  • Icing

Needless to say, for all of them to work well, you must get your cake done by an experienced professional. It is a complicated affair and the chances of things going wrong are really high. Therefore, get the person you are putting on contract and then, hire accordingly.

Research Thoroughly before Taking the Final Call, a Wedding Cake is no Small Deal

wedding-cakeIt is also a good idea to do some research of your own before actually zeroing down to something. There are several ways to decorate your cake, add the topics; the number of variants available in the market itself is mindboggling.

However, it is not very difficult to build a unique gateau with wonderful flavours and colours. From whacky to classics, weddings have featured all kinds of cake. In fact, the very first wedding cake was roman and wasn’t really supposed to be a delicacy. It was less sugary and made of grains such as wheat, rice or barley. The cake was broken on the bride’s head as a tradition. At the time, the romans believed that this would bring lots of luck to the couple. Today, though, the cake is more about taste, flavour, texture and looks. Some of the extremely common flavours are chocolate and vanilla, coloured champagne and peanut butter jelly.

Is it Possible to be Different whilst also making your own Wedding Cake?

wedding-cakeThese flavours are quite good but if you are looking for something different, the internet is truly your best resources. In fact, you will find more than just flavours and ideas on the internet. If you are a good cook, then you may be able to follow the tutorial and put up a wonderful cake of your own. The thought of it might fluster you but if you are aware of the basics of cooking and baking, then doing the wedding cake on your own shouldn’t be very problematic. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure that the wedding cake turns out well –

  1. Find a unique wedding cake picture to take inspiration from
  2. Follow a few tutorials
  3. Read a few recipes
  4. Join a few discussion forums and take tips from experts
  5. Make a practice cake or two
  6. Finally, get down to making that much awaited and anticipated wedding cake.

Lastly, one of the most important things that you ought to do, is to ensure that your cake is done by a professional. Once you have followed these steps, there is no way you shall falter. You are going to look at that unique wedding cake picture and feel pleased for years and years to come.

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