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Know your post wedding etiquette!

What you can do post wedding

Planning your wedding must have taken up most of your time and energy for sure. Now all you want to do is relax. You could either wait for things to fall in place or you could jump right to the work. There are just a few things you should and can do pot wedding after taking a day off. You would have already pre-planned your reception, but there are a few things you would have mist out. According to tradition you would go of for your honeymoon, little would you know that you can make your wedding announcement big just for your own simple pleasures. So read on to know about the ways of cherishing the memories of your wedding to a further extent.

1. Decide what to do with your wedding memoir

For a bride, the most prominent wedding memoir is perhaps your wedding trousseau. Similarly, For a groom it has to be the bridal suit. It is very important to decide what you want to do with this wedding memoir. If you think you need to preserve it, then do not waste time and get it cleaned and dry washed immediately after the celebrations are over. If you are not careful enough, the sweat, grime, possible stains and all other unwanted things that your bridal wear had to withstand on the day of your wedding, will damage it forever.

2. Do not forget your near and dear ones

Once your wedding is over and you have entered into your regular married life, do not forget your near and dear ones completely. It is quite common that the challenges of a new life might keep you preoccupied. But this should not take you away from interacting with your well wishers. Thus, immediately after your wedding and honeymoon, make a list of all those whom you want to convey your thanks. Calculate the number of thank you notes you need to write. Now, segregate the number of senders per day so that you can plan your action for the whole week and do not miss anybody. Work together in accomplishing your project.

3. Announce in the newspaper that you are married

A nice way to let people around you know that you are married is to publish the news of your wedding in the local newspaper. If you get the permission from the publishing house and have enough money, then publish a picture of your wedding too, along with the news. Let people know that you are no longer single.

4. Help others by posting your comments

The next work that you need to do post wedding might sound a bit charitable in nature. But it is always great to help someone. Thus, in a social networking site or a local magazine or any such media that allow public opinion, post your comments on the vendors and organizers of your wedding ceremony who pleased you and were worth the money you paid. Likewise, post your reviews on those vendors who made you extremely disappointed by their below expectation service standards. Those who see your comments can make their wedding arrangements accordingly by choosing the right vendor according to the quality of their service and not by the glitz and glam of their names.

5. Make your change of name legalized

In case of a women getting married to a man, this step is applicable. If you decide to adopt your husband’s name, carry on with all the legal proceedings that are involved in the process. Do not delay unnecessarily.

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