Best reasons to have a small wedding

An elaborate wedding can have its own share of anxieties and tensions involved. The planning, venue, food, dress, invitations etc need a thorough research and can be taxing at times. Instead on investing your time and money on a high stake wedding , you can plan a small one and get rid of unwanted anxieties. Here are a few essential tips.

Small wedding

1. Celebrate your wedding with close people

A wedding is celebrating the union of two souls with people who matter to you. Only close relatives and acquaintances can make all the difference so invite only them. The fewer the people, the lesser is the time you will need to devote to planning arrangements. It is undoubtedly one of the best things of having a small wedding. You will have people around you who really care for you.

2. Feel relaxed

If you have known people around you then you will feel at ease and won’t fret unnecessarily over petty things. You will get the leverage to enjoy the day to the fullest without getting bogged down unnecessarily. This will take the frown away from your brows and make your heart lighter.

3. Have a composed wedding

You can save a lot of money is you have a composed wedding. Many extra costs are involved if you splurge in a lavish wedding. These intimate weddings won’t lighten your pockets much and you will have plenty of cash left to splurge elsewhere. A wedding can drag you into a debt, this silent wedding will save you that.

4. Celebrate the way you ever wanted

There is no point of having a grand wedding just for the sake of public display. Celebrate your wedding with your loved ones and small weddings serve the purpose fully. A very few selected people feel comfortable and you will also be able to talk to everyone. Chances also are that many of your guests will know one another.

5. Options

Since you will have a lesser number of guests, you will have various venues which can accommodate small number of guests. You will have the scope to choose from various venues and so will have a large number of choices.

A small wedding has in numerous advantages. You will also be able to customize your wedding and make it on a theme that both of you like. This will reflect your inner self and you will be able to exercise your creative side. You will also be able to attend to all your guests because of the small number. This will make the conversation interesting and uninterrupted as you will not have to tend to many people.

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