6 reasons why you should consider a winter wedding

Most women grow up dreaming about a white wedding with the summer in full bloom around it. However, summer wedding venues are hard to book and some couples just don’t want to wait till the weather takes a better turn to tie the knot. Here are a few reasons why should consider having a winter wedding.


1. You don’t have to think about a theme

A snow clad wedding venue is a theme in itself which means that you wouldn’t have to work too hard on coming up an entertaining theme for your big day.

2. Best for white weddings

If you’ve always wanted a white wedding, having one during the early snow season could make your loveliest dream come true. Schedule your wedding one or two weeks into the typical snow season to get a lovely, snow clad landscape without being worried about being buried into the snow.

3. You can book the best venues for less

Most premium wedding venues are booked through the spring, summer and autumn though many of them offer discounts during off season. If you’re planning on having a winter wedding, you can easily get your favorite wedding venue for far less than what it would have cost you during the summer.


4. The snow gives off a fairytale ambiance

A snow covered landscape is pretty dramatic in itself which means that you don’t need to work too hard on creating a magical ambiance for your wedding. You can use basic lighting and dark colored flowers to create a dramatic look for your wedding.

5. You can get away with a simple menu

Most people prefer to eat simple and hearty meals during the winter which means that you don’t have to fuss too much with the menu or spend too much on keeping the champagne chilled!

6. Your wedding pictures will look spectacular

A little known fact about snowy days is that you simply cannot take a bad picture when the landscape is covered in snow! The light reflected by the snow balances the flash from cameras and makes every picture look perfect.

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