Nouvelle Vague in Wedding Invitations

Almost everything in this world is transforming, so why should your wedding be any different? Your wedding is perhaps the most special occasion that will (hopefully) last a lifetime. In order to cover every angle, your spend thousands of dollars to ensure everything is perfect. Nevertheless, that does not make you any different from the 50 other couples. In that case, it is time to think out of the box.

Start planning a different kind of wedding, the beginning point of which would be the perfect and off beat wedding invitations. If you are lacking in imagination or inspirations, here are a few heads-up!


The ‘Knotted’ Invitation

The alternative expression for getting married has always been tying the knot. So, why not display the same in your cards. This card is probably what displays keep it short and simple. Once you open the card, a red colored loop simply molds into a knot. Semiotics people!

Touch Base with Origami

Make origami hearts which once opened will reveal the real wedding invite. Do not forget to use mellow colors or simply white and attach a string atop, in case somebody would like to store it as a keepsake. Paying tribute to detailing, do not forget pocket shaped translucent paper sewn in the edges which will house them!


Hanky Business

Yet another very innovative and simple idea for a wedding invitation is using handkerchiefs as invites. Get the details printed or if you prefer drawn and deliver them. This idea is also perhaps one of the best invitations which does not use paper and is therefore eco-friendly.

Cut with Laser Cut

A steadily emerging trend, wedding invitations laser cut gives you the necessary innovation and easy breezy style that you like. One of the best examples is the Woods rustic cut that is simple and yet very elegant.


Bottled Invitation

Many of you might argue that this idea has been done to death! However, does that in any way stop you from revamping and creating something new? Think about it! And if you design them well enough, there is a good chance some mushy romantics may find place on the mantelpiece for your invitation.

Boxed Chocolate Invitation

Come on brides and grooms to be, indulge and let your guests indulge as well. Design a monogram which is chocolate colored and fixes it on with wax seal and your initials. The inside of course should contain chocolates and your invitation.

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