Etiquette’s for a wedding rehearsal dinner!

Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal dinner is one of the pre-wedding dinners hosted by either the brides parents or the groom’s. Rehearsal dinners are basically thrown for the guests and close family members to thank them for their participation and assistance in the planning of the wedding so far. But the concept is gradually fading as half the people are confused about the concept, arrangements and the other half sees it as an added expense. Little do they know that the dinner can actually give everyone a chance to interact, relax and start the celebrations. It is also a pre-dinner held before the wedding day in order to find out that everything is going as planned. It calms the bride down and if any changes need to be made it is made at that point of time. Here are a few tips to help you through a successful rehearsal dinner. Read on to put together an unforgettable wedding rehearsal dinner celebrations.

1. Planning the budget

There was a time when it was customary for the parents of the groom to throw the dinner party, but with changing scenario, some couples volunteer to pay. So first and foremost, set aside a budget for the dinner. Once the budget is in place, you can start planning. But do check with the groom’s mother, since as per the tradition, she takes care of the entire planning. Else, hire a wedding planner.

2. Inviting the guests

Now that you have all the prerequisites in place, it’s time to invite your guests. Make sure that your invites reach well in advance so everyone can actually make it to the dinner. Invites could be sent via printed postcards or through emails. As for the guest list, anyone who has been involved in the wedding in some way or other must be called for the dinner. Don’t forget, more the guests, bigger the celebration!

3. Choosing the dinner venue

While deciding on the venue, you could consider a restaurant or a catering hall, preferably with a private room. But if your house is big enough to accommodate your guests, then your backyard could be an excellent place for the dinner too. It is not bad to be experimental with your wedding location, but try keeping it closer to the city.

4. At the dinner

Remember, rehearsal dinner is not only about eating but much more than that. As a bride and groom, you must offer a toast to your families and friends for their undying support. Besides arranging a delectable menu for the dinner, it is also important to organize some unique entertaining games to rev up the mood. Activities such as pool, darts, karaoke or maybe backyard games could be planned as well. Furthermore, consider buying some gifts for the attendees. It will be your way of saying thanks!

5. Arranging the dinner

The dinner should be arranged depending on your budget, but don’t make it grander than the wedding. Define the formality of the dinner accordingly. As long as your rehearsal dinner is fun, guests won’t care less on how much money has been spent on it.

6. Finish off the party early

You might not mind spending more time with the guests, but it’s advisable to end the party early so that you and your guests get enough time to relax before the real day. Certainly, you would like to look fresh for the wedding day.

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