Must know bridal shower etiquettes

In the recent years wedding showers have turned into a relaxed and casual affair, however the basics pertaining to the etiquette’s followed in a bridal shower cannot be missed so as to prevent offending anyone. The interaction level at bridal showers should be well balanced as there will be all kinds of people attending the shower from family, friends and co-workers. The older generation family members can place particular emphasis on the etiquette’s practiced at bridal showers. Read on and go basic with the rules.

Bridal shower etiquettes

1. The host of the shower

It is usually the maid of honor that hosts the bridal shower. As per the followed tradition, the immediate relatives of the bride aren’t supposed to host the shower. If the maid of honor is not present at the occasion then any other close friend can plan and organize the bridal shower. Sometimes even a group of friends undertake the responsibility of hosting the bridal shower.

A common occurrence is multiple bridal showers, in such a situation the host should check out the guest list so as to cut down any duplication. The duration when the bridal shower takes place is of almost a couple of months or weeks before the wedding ceremony.

Well, irrespective of who organizes the shower, the most important part is that the host should be present to warmly welcome each guest alongside the bride.

2. Who and how many guests?

The traditional group of guests in a bridal shower comprises of 15-20 people who are all usually close members. Irrespective of the number of people you intend to invite, the invitations should be distributed well in advance. The guest list must include the mothers of both bride and groom along with the siblings of both to be partners. Also the closest friends and co-workers should be put up on the guest list. It is not important to include every women invited to the wedding party.

3. The invitation

The options are actually endless with various trends flowing into the main stream so as to suit various budgets. There are actually endless options that can be used when selecting the right stationary. But, sending out the invitation can only undergo conventional methods. You have to back up on the snail mail option. If there is little time left, then an emergency mail is appropriate. Turn to e-cards for this reason and simply mail them out.

4. Traditions involved

One tradition that is making a come back is that of the groom being spotted with flowers as the fiancee is up to opening the gift packs. Guests who are yet not acquainted with the groom wait for the wedding shower so that they can talk to the lucky guy when the bride is busy unpacking. Another popular tradition is that of making ribbon bouquets from the received gifts. this is a stand-in option during the wedding rehearsal.

An old school tradition that is usually followed by the bride is to keep something old, borrowed and blue during the wedding. These traditions are still favorites evoking that mysterious feeling of joy.

5. Gifts at the wedding shower

Guests definitely bring gifts to the shower but it is totally inappropriate to invite someone for this reason if you don’t want to include them to the wedding occasion. An example would be the office shower. You have sent out your wedding invite to all your colleagues but they will nonetheless help you celebrate. By the time the invitations are mailed out the bride should undertake gift registration and inform the guests about registry details.

6. Themes at the occasion

Themes play a vital role in the bridal shower. Attendees are informed about the theme and are asked to satisfy the idea with theme based gifts. A great example would be that of the Round the clock theme where guests are assigned particular time of the day. Like if the guest is assigned the night time, then he or she has to bring a bottle of champagne or dinner culinary, if it is morning then a tea set or a do not disturb board will be good.

7. Distribute the responsibility

Every bridal shower etiquette is to create a special point for the party guests. All important members should therefore take on some responsibility like recording the gift list or executing the games so that the key part is well executed during the entire event without any over burdening or lapse.

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