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Amazing Asian wedding traditions

Asian Wedding Traditions

Wedding traditions are something that exists in a huge variety across nations and continents. Asian weddings are one of the most celebrated affairs, not only for the bride and groom only but also for the whole family and the guests. Asia, just like its large area has lot much diversity in the wedding traditions throughout the Asian countries. There are some of the amazing wedding traditions that you would just wonder about. Do read further for some of those amazing Asian wedding traditions.

Indian wedding traditions

Indian Weddings

Whenever you think of an Indian wedding, it is bound to be an elaborate affair. And this grand celebration is often accompanied with some unique wedding traditions which can be considered to be unusual in other parts of the world. Indians consider the marriage to be an auspicious event and to bring in prosperity to the lives of the married couple, the bride is asked to hold rice, wheat or other food grains in her hand while the marriage rituals are performed. A practice that is quite common among Hindus, is that of the bride being asked to lightly kick a rice filled container while entering the groom’s home. Apart from these, there are other traditions that prevent the bride and groom’s meeting before the wedding day. They are specifically asked not to meet at least 2 to 3 days before the scheduled wedding date.

Japanese wedding traditions

Japanese Wedding

The Japanese generally follow the Buddhist or Shinto ceremonies for their marriage. Depending on one’s religious preference, the traditions also differ. A special string of beads is prepared for those who get married in accordance with Buddhist traditions. This is supposed to signify the union of two loving individuals whose lives have now been woven into each other. The Shinto ceremony on the other hand, believes in the power of mother earth and the natural elements. The newly married couple is therefore, asked to seek the blessings of the natural spirits. Another unique traditional element of the Japanese wedding is the choice of Kimonos as wedding dress. Most Japanese women prefer these traditional attires over fancy gowns.

Korean wedding traditions

Korean wedding

For the Koreans, the happiness of the bride and groom after marriage is a very important consideration. Hence, even before the marriage takes place, they are asked to consult a fortune teller who can advice them about their future. If the kung-hap or fortune teller gives a favorable answer, the marriage is celebrated with great fanfare. However, a negative forecast is good enough to call off the wedding immediately. Also, before the wedding takes place the groom gifts his would-be mother-in-law with a wild goose. It symbolizes love and concern that the groom will have for his bride.

Chinese wedding traditions

Chinese wedding

An unusual practice that is quite common in Chinese weddings, consists of gifting a roasted pig to the girl’s family by the groom’s family. It is a traditional practice that is carried out immediately after the engagement ceremony. Moreover, Chinese brides love to wear red wedding dresses as this color is supposed to bring luck to their married lives. Often other symbols of good fortune, the chrysanthemum, peonies and phoenix are also embroidered on their wedding gowns. The burning of fire crackers during the wedding ceremony is also considered to be a good omen as it helps to scare the evils away. Chinese palanquins have lasted long ages and they still are in practice in many parts of the country.

Filipino wedding traditions

Filipino Wedding

Originally, Filipino weddings followed an old ritual whereby the groom was supposed to place a spear on the front steps of the girl’s door. This signified the groom’s right over his would-be bride and this was followed up with three days of ceremonies before the couple was declared man and woman. Their wedding traditions reflect strong bonding within the families. Usually lot many people gather for a single wedding and all of them speak one by one to the bride and the groom. The people who come are generally categorized as the primary and the secondary sponsors.

Indonesian wedding traditions

Indonesian wedding

If you have ever heard of a grand wedding, the Indonesian wedding would literally spell out what a grand wedding is like. With over 1000 attendees at the function, the reception is generally a packed event where the guests celebrate throughout the night. And as part of their unique wedding tradition, the bride and groom are supposed to meet each and every guest individually, before the reception party begins. An Indonesian engagement turns out to be a long-time invested engagement as the families of the engaged couple share a lot many gifts before the actual wedding takes place. This is considered to be important in building healthy relationships between the two families.

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