Wedding planning tips for garden wedding

Garden wedding

Outdoor weddings require altered wedding planning routine especially due to the choice of the venues. Garden weddings lend a romantic and sensual feel to the wedding celebrations. Mostly, gardens are chosen as venue for weddings held in Spring or early Summer. We have put together a few wedding planning tips to help you with your garden wedding.

1. Weather Check

The first thing which you have to consider is weather of the location. It is one of the biggest troubles in having an outside wedding. To solve this problem you can trust on “Farmer’s Almanac”, it has been proven to be at least 80 percent true. So you can take a help from it. An alternative would be to get a tent available which can be used for the reception and wedding. You can rent out white wedding tents quite easily and they give an elegant look to your garden wedding.

2. Allergies

55 percent of Americans are suffering from allergies. If you are also prone to any allergy then you have to pay attention on this tip. If you are planning to getting married at the height of pollen season or picking a profoundly flowered garden for the wedding, you have to be careful because they can cause allergy to you. So, make sure to take an anti-allergy drug before arriving at your wedding spot.

3. Time

The time factor plays a significant role in a garden wedding. The time you opt could be affected by numerous things. Firstly, it affects the photographs. Try to take your pictures in a shaded area, like probably under a tree or in tent, if you have the facility of that. This will make things easier for you and your photographer too. If you are planning for a mid-day ceremony then many factors can affect it like bug problems, mosquitoes etc. But, an evening outdoor wedding is recommended, as it provides a romantic beam for photos and a perfect temperature.

4. Dress Choice

While planning for a garden wedding, you must consider some tips for selecting your wedding dress. You should prefer a dress which makes you feel comfortable and confident in the outdoor ceremony. You can go for a casual approach while dressing and opt for light, simple dress, without much fuss. While selecting your wedding dress you can take the suggestions from your friends and dressmaker.

5. Shoes Consideration

In the garden wedding, you have to pay attention on picking up the right shoes. You should choose the footwear in which you feel comfortable and relaxed. It is suggested that you should avoid the heels as the wedding location is not subtle it can create problem for you. One unique and different idea is to go completely barefoot throughout your wedding ceremony. This can be a fantastic alternative. You can also convince your friends or bridesmaids to opt for barefoot in the ceremony.

6. Flowers

Flowers can be an imperative part of any wedding. You should choose the flowers according to the location and the weather too. You can opt for carrying a bouquet sporting the similar flowers found in the garden you have chosen for your wedding. Another option would be to have a flower girl toss wild flowers in your passageway as a substitute of rose petals for a change. You can also choose a rose garden, which can be incredibly lovely and exotic.

7. Decorations

When you are planning for a beach or garden wedding, it is little puzzling when it comes to decorate the site. As these sites are naturally full of beauty, thus you need not to make the decoration bright. The simple would be the better. For decorating your wedding location, you can take the help of experts by giving them the ideas or suggestions, which you have planned for the wedding.

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