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9 Ways to have fun as a wedding guest tag along

Wedding guest tag along

Weddings are special, provided it’s your own or someone’s who is close to you. But a situation where you have to be a guest tag along to a wedding reception full of strangers, can be boring. But your participation in the wedding ceremony can turn out to be a better experience than you have ever thought of, if you play your cards wisely. The basic ground rules can actually make your wedding guest tag along situation a pleasant experience. Here are 9 ways to have fun as a wedding guest tag along.

1. Be mentally prepared to meet strangers, but friendly crowd

The first and foremost ground rule before getting into the battle field is don’t panic. Remember that even if you meet someone who does not match your taste, you need not be bothered of meeting him or her again and can dismiss them casually. Be positive and prepare yourself mentally to meet some charming people, who are not expecting anything from you except for a small chat. You have a greater chance to meet a whole lot of new and interesting guests with whom you may strike a cordial conversation. So, open up and expose yourself to the new world of strangers to have a good time as a wedding guest tagalong.

2. Engage yourself

If you are attending a wedding reception as a guest tagalong with your date, don’t just be a pillion all the time. Do not expect your date to continuously pay attention to you and take care of you. Rather engage yourself in a conversation and give the enough space to your date to enjoy his time. The last thing your date would want is to spend the day or evening taking care of you and making you feel comfortable. Make an effort and create a comfort zone for yourself.

3. Take names of the new acquaintances

Show your acquaintances your eagerness to meet them by knowing their names. Though it may not be possible to hear all the names correctly in the midst of noise and loud sounds, you may still make an attempt. Don’t let people repeat their names very often. This gesture of yours would be liked by many and it would give an impression that you are liking them and the place. Some of them might be close friends of your date and you might be meeting them again in future. Hence make them feel special and worthy to be remembered. Try this and you will sure find yourself with some admirers in the room full of unknown faces.

4. Roam around in the room

Most of the time you will realize in the wedding, as a guest tagalong, that you have nothing to talk about. But the great thing about weddings is that you find people from various sects and different interests. So, if nothing is working out to strike a conversation in your group, you can politely excuse yourself and head to another group which might have the same interests and topics that you like.

5. Find common ground

When you go as a wedding guest tagalong, the most difficult part is to find the group of people to get involved in a discussion with. You will not find best buddies in the crowd but the good thing about weddings is that you will find lot of people in various groups. Roam around in the room and you will surely find a group having a chat on general issues like movies or sports. Be a part of the group and indulge in the conversation to save your day or evening from being the most horrifying time of your life.

6. When in doubt, praise

The best way to fill the gap when you have nothing to say is to roll out a few compliments. Everyone tries to look the best in a wedding. So you can take an advantage of this and be generous in complimenting people. They would surely like to stick around with you and talk to you. However, avoid going over board with it.

7. Drink, but within limits

Another way to have fun in a wedding as a guest tagalong is by helping yourself with a few drinks. This way you can unwind yourself and also send out a signal that you are having a good time. But drink responsibly or else you can be the talk of the town for worst reasons even in a wedding where you hardly knew anyone.

8. Dance

You might have two left feet and you might hate dancing but shed all your inhibitions for this evening as your date would definitely like to have fun and enjoy those moments. Grab this as an opportunity to make the evening memorable for your partner and be a part of the celebration by dancing like everyone else.

9. Think about the one with whom you have tagged along

If nothing seems to work out and you start losing out on your patience, think about the admiration you will get at the end of it from your partner for being so generous and kind to make the evening so memorable. Think about the partner you are doing it for and you will realize that in no way you would want to spoil the day for your date. So, look around and get back to socializing.

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