Alarming signs indicating a likely divorce

Although initially, it is quite impossible to conclude that your marriage is about to get dissolved; it cannot be ruled out either that there are couples who drift apart after years of togetherness. Let us not get into the facts why divorces happen. But it is vital to know when you should call it quits. Now, the question remains as, how will you know when a marital relationship has ceased to be in its repairable stage. Here are some signs that will prompt you that you are heading for a divorce.

You wish to be single again

Life after marriage is always exciting. But if you have just the opposite feeling, then you should be cautious. In case if you feel that life was better when you were single and you long to lead such a life again, then you must understand the signal. It indicates that you are not happy with your marriage. Wishing to be single again after marriage implies that there is no excitement left in your married life. Quite unintentionally, you might even fantasize within your mind to break away from this wedlock and start afresh. This is a sign of probable divorce.

The negatives get highlighted

Nobody is perfect. We love and spend life with our spouses overlooking these minor differences. People say that this is where the spice of relationship lies. But if you find that only the flaws in your spouse are getting highlighted, instead of his good points then take things with a pinch of salt. It is not normal in case of a happily married life. If you find that your husband too has the same complaint that you do not live up to his expectations, then divorce is inevitable in your case.

Secrecy and privacy is preferred

We agree to the fact that individual space is most important for every human being in order to maintain individuality. But marriage is a relationship where we share a lot with our spouse. Such gestures act as balm in easing out tensions and stress of personal and professional life. If you find that you do not like to share anything with your spouse, then it is alarming. There may be reasons like you wish to hide something or you fail to identify with him or anything else. At the end of the day it becomes evident that you lack transparency. This is a sign of possible divorce leading situation.

Too frequent fights

Married couples do fight. The differences in outlook and misunderstandings are the major catalysts that make them fight. But they cool down soon and they realize their faults. In case, if you apprehend that you fight more often than normal and do not find any fault in yourself, then take it as a sign of separation. You will find that you are either too defensive in such quarrels or extremely nasty. This implies that you prioritize on your spouse’s drawbacks only and hold him responsible for such regular occurrences. But if you take our view, it is just another way of venting your anger on him on a different issue.

Fights linger to bedroom

It is always said that even the ugliest of fights get resolved behind the doors of bedroom when you get married. If your case is not at all like this and your fights get worse when you meet each other in the bedroom, then read in between the lines. ‘Your married life is in doldrums’.

Lack of drive in sex life

Your husband need not be impotent. You might also not be frigid. But still it might be so that you may have no interest to get into physical intimacy with each other. Although there is nothing to worry much, if such a thing is short lived. But if such things become a permanent issue then you must be careful. You might find every other thing interesting than sex with your spouse. It is a proven a fact that people who are dissatisfied with each other do not feel the urge to be sexually involved with each other too.

Lack of respect

A marriage is only successful if you have respect for your spouse. But once you lose respect for your partner your marriage will head towards a separation. It is during this phase that you will feel irritated whenever you see him. You will also cease to feel proud of him. You will find alibi to make him feel inferior. The same things will also show up in your spouse. This is one of the most significant indications of divorce.

Involvement in extramarital affairs

The arrival of a third person in the life of either one of the couple after marriage is a sure shot indication that your marriage is no longer a successful one. A third person enters into a relationship only when you fail to please your husband or he fails to do so. You start seeking all the pleasures of the marital relationship in this third person. Sometimes, you might feel guilty about it. But, at other times you might feel there is absolutely no reason to feel sorry about as your shattered life got a spark by such a relationship. This indicates divorce.

Parenting makes you stay together

If you think that it is your kid, who has bound you and your spouse together in a marital tie, then there can be no other significant sign to signify that divorce is inevitable. Parenting cannot be the sole issue that binds a married couple. You need to have love and passion for each other too. Or else, it is always best to move out of such a marriage.

Being indifferent

If you stay indifferent towards your spouse and anything concerning him, then it is evident that your marriage is approaching towards a divorce. When you are extremely bored and frustrated about anything you cease to have any feeling for it, whether negative or positive. This is exactly what has happened in case of your marriage. It has gone into a coma. So, identify the signs.

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