How to avoid post wedding weight gain: A bride must know

Are you a new wife? Here are some startling facts for you. As per a survey, on an average the new wives gain approximately 21 pounds of weight post-wedding. The nutritionists suggest that women put on weight in the first five years of marriage. Well, that means the marital bliss comes with a package of heavier hips and bulging tummy. Now, the question is how you can actually deal with this tricky situation where love and happiness is costing you the slim waistline, slender arms and curvaceous body that your husband cannot get enough. Let’s dig deeper into the problem and find out ways to avoid post-wedding weight gain.

Control your honeymoon splurges on food

Honeymoon is all about romance, relaxing and eating. Food invariably becomes a part of honeymoon. Result? Additional calories in your body. Control your honeymoon splurge on food. As soon as your order arrives, keep half of the portion in store for later intake. Most of the hotel rooms have refrigerators, so you can keep the food in your room. If not, order half potions. Even if, it costs full price, it is still a smarter deal than adding up those extra pounds in your body. You must also decide what you want to eat – seafood, fruits or something else before ordering. Don’t get into the must-taste-everything mode. Don’t treat your honeymoon as the last trip of your life. Take proper rest and sleep for at least 8 hours or else your body will propel you to eat more. Keep the physical activity going, like walking, playing on the beach or any other sport that will help you burn the extra calories that your honeymoon trip is likely to gift you. The idea is to enjoy your honeymoon without gaining oodles of weight.

Get back to the health diet and regular exercise regimen

An interesting aspect of post wedding weight is that, it is in comparison with the weight you had before wedding. Now, we all know about pre-wedding diets and bridal boot camps to get the picture perfect body. Almost all brides work hard to get that look of their lives. As a result most of the brides are much below the actual weight, which should be proportionate to height when they walk the aisle. The brides–to-be often hit the gym with a vengeance to achieve a dream figure for the big day. Naturally, after wedding when you put on weight it’s likely to bother you. However, the idea is to keep away the flab and bulges and not to achieve size zero. Aim your fitness regime towards the healthy body minus extra pounds that you have put onto your natural shape. Don’t jump into the shortcut and keep your patience to lose weight permanently. Quick fix ideas are often harmful to health and are not a good option in the long run. Work out regularly and slowly lose the weight in organic way. Team up with friends to get back to your fitness regime. Make it fun time while working out. Having a dog is also a good option to start the daily walks. Invest in the fitness equipment to keep fit without going out.

Involve your spouse in the fitness regime and diet

Romance is highly associated with food. After wedding, cooking together is an immense pleasure and often done by the newly wed couple, making them feel as a family. Eating out is also a way to celebrate the happiness and is an expression of love. All this finally comes down to your rapidly increasing weight. The best way to deal with it is to be practical and keep a close look at what you are eating. Choose waistline friendly diet instead of high calorie meal. Include fresh fruits in your food as dessert. Also, find other alternatives to express love like waling on the beach or playing tennis together rather than hitting a restaurant every time. Also, involve your spouse to your exercise regime. It will strengthen your bond and also make it light romantic environment to work out. What else do you want in life?

Start cooking at home

Neither of you might not be a great cook, but the sooner you will start cooking at home, the better it will be for your body. Eating at home will definitely keep you away from all the fast food that will not do any good to your health. Try new recipes with your spouse by your side and explore the happiness of preparing a meal together.

Take professional help to know your nutritional requirement

It’s important for you to know your need as per your gender, size and age. Consult a dietitian or research online to decide what your body actually needs in terms of nutrition and supplements. Not all women have the similar requirements. Tomatoes, cayenne pepper and horseradish help to increase metabolism rate, which is very important to fight the extra bridal weight. Eat healthy as per the dietitian’s advice and continue with the nutritional tips that you followed before wedding.

Keep a check on your alcohol intake

Having a glass of wine with spouse is romantic and also healthy according to a research. However, pay attention to this one. Since you are newly married, you would want to enjoy the romantic moments to its fullest and you are likely to share the full bottle of wine with your spouse. A full bottle of wine between two makes two glasses per person and that adds up to 240 calories per night and 1200 calories in five nights. So, enjoy your moments but don’t overdo it. It will cost you the thin waistline and push you to the dresses that you thought were too big for you.

Avoid retiring to the couch every evening

After a hectic day at work, you would want to relax in front of the TV with a bowl of snacks. There is no harm in chilling out at home after work, but the habit of hitting the couch as soon as you reach home is certainly a shortcut to a bulging tummy and oodles of weight in your body. Find alternatives to spend the evenings without devoting yourself to the couch religiously.

Keep the bedroom action going

After a while, even the newly weds slow down with their sexual activities. Believe it or not, keeping up the bedroom action also has health benefits. It helps to burn the calories and also helps to get a sound sleep. It reduces the risk of heart attack and keeps the blood pressure in control. So, find time and get intimate to keep healthy. It will also strengthen your emotional quotient with your partner.

Pack healthy lunch to work

Eating healthy needs you to put some efforts. Bring lunch to work to ensure that you are eating right. Eating lunch out means high calorie diet, junk and all the possible reasons to put on weight. Pack salads, fruits, yogurt and similar health food to keep you going at work without adding flab to the body.

Indulge in adventurous activities

Try new angles in your romance and add little adventure for the excitement. You must have had enough of romantic dates by now. Add some fun element like adventure sports to blossom the relationship while keeping fit. Rock climbing, kayaking, swing dancing etc are super fun and exciting to do with spouse and is an easy way to avoid post wedding weight.

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