Best cities to find a perfect man for yourself

Finding your dream man in all the wrong places must be the only reason that you are single till now. So, just take a halt…and think of a place around you, that you might be unaware off, and with just a bit of your knowledge you get the one, who is perfectly “Mr. Perfect” for you. We have quantified a list of the best cities in the America, where you can meet your dream guy, who is fit, smart and absolutely single. Read on and who knows, the perfect guy is just one step away waiting for you and to say these beautiful lines, “My heart is, and always will be, yours”.

San Diego, California

This city is on the top of our list of finding your ‘man’ as people sometimes call it “Man Diego” instead of San Diego. The city has plenty full of great tans, muscular bodies and great hairs guys, all who are just waiting for beautiful girls like you. You won’t be able to scroll your eyes away from those sexy surfers, sailors and fly buy hunks, who keep roaming in lush sand sea-side areas of the city. The city is full of guys having lucrative jobs and tops in the list of one of the costliest cities in America.

Washington, DC

Well, as they say “Heaven is here in Washington”, the city is full of men who are educated and spend a lot of their time and money on social life. The city has highest level of fitness in the whole country and brag to have some of happiest hours in the whole world. People, especially, men are genuine and handsome. So, lets have a trip to the city as ‘Mr. Perfect’ is desperately waiting for you there.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis city can be a dream keep for all those finding handsome hunks around. No doubt about explaining the high fitness ranking of the city that boasts highest male-female ratio in the country. The city is also home to the biggest collage campus in the country, University of Minnesota. So, if you ever visit the city, be cautious, the guy jogging behind you or siting in a restaurant next to you can also become your sole partner.

New York City, New York

This city has leveraged its luxury lifestyle standard to an extreme level and many people from around the world come to take a bite a of the big Apple. The sobriquet “ the city that never sleeps” fits perfect as no matter what the time is, handsome guys working in big corporate houses or partying in clubs or roaming at big malls are just waiting for that single hint from you. For all you good girls, the city has lowest divorce rate in the country and also, you won’t anywhere find better restaurants than New York City.


“Atlanta” the name itself is enough to make you feel warm as the city nurtures one of the smart of chunk of populations in the country. You can’t hold yourself up, when there is southern hospitality and ambrosial subtropical breezes flowing all over the city. 42 percent of area’s population are single, some of them are scientist, doctors and politicos are just waiting for you. The city full of numerous nightlife options mean you can find man with that ‘wild- fire’ that you were dreaming through all your life.

San Francisco, California

This city holds one of the highest educated, smart and successful bachelors with an amazing characteristics of ingenuity and penchant for hospitality. You shouldn’t get amazed, if we tell you that due to hiking up all those gigantic hill, men usually have tight butts here. The beautiful NorCal city people have everything what you seek in your dream man. Go, catch him and have your life’s most romantic date at Golden Gate bridge.

Arlinton, Texax

Don’t tell me if you don’t know about the place that has the shadow of Fort Worth and Dallas in America and has a very low divorce rate. The city attracts maximum number of corporate people around the world and stands 90th in philanthropy that is probably a good sign for all lovely ladies, who are seeking genuine guys. Gentlemen in this beautiful city know how to show and express the real love.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Want to have a successful chemistry experiment with the sharp and smart guys of this Research Triangle city? A serious science is carried out at this place of the country that produces genius people in the country. The city flooded with bars, restraint and museums is full of handsome guys waiting for hotties like you.

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