Best tips to choose a wedding date

‘Wedding date’ is the only thing in a wedding ceremony that you cannot choose according to your wish but a lot of aspects needs to be seen before choosing one. While selecting a date, you can’t only choose the date that only works for you but you also need see the perfect time, when your friends and relatives can come. Well, choice may vary but wedding date shouldn’t coincide with the working days and generally, people choose a weekend date.

Wedding date

1. You should do a bit of introspection before making a final decision on the date like are you and the would-be-bride able to take the time off and are you left with considerable time to organize everything? You should talk to the wedding venue officials if the place is vacant on date or not.

2. Now, when all things are apparently clear, think about what date you actually want. Always choose a wedding date that means something for you. Seasons matters a lot, as wedding doesn’t end with ‘a day’ event but you also have to plan about honeymoon next so, choose the perfect time of the year.

3. People usually forget the dates so, remind them constantly so that they can take leave from work on your wedding day. Don’t change the date once decided, your friends and relatives will get confused.

4. After the wedding date is fixed, start planning book caterers and the wedding venue.

5. If you are planning a destination or an outdoor wedding, get knowledge about the weather conditions and prepare yourself according to the conditions.

6. For pregnant brides, it’s necessary to think whether they want their wedding before or after giving birth to the baby.

7. Don’t plan your wedding near major holidays like Christmas as people will find it hard to come to the ceremony.

Things to watch out

Groom and bride should always plan the date together so as to get rid of any confusion.

Make sure your fiancée agrees on the date.

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