DIY: How to make creative bridesmaid cards

If you possess even the slightest of the creative ability and you want to make the bridesmaid cards look special and creative then here is this DIY just for you. Just imagine that when you will create these kinds of cards and then send to your bridesmaids, then how happy they will be. These cards are unique without any doubt. Just do not hang on and start doing this DIY (maybe give it a try) as soon as you finish reading all of its procedural steps.

DIY Creative bridesmaid cards

Difficulty level: Easy

Time required: 15-20 minutes

Things needed:

Things needed

· Craft paper

· Envelopes

· Scissors

· Scale

· Pencil

· Erasing rubber

· Paper

· Glue


1. Decide how long you will be making your girls or the miniature bridesmaid chain. This will give you an idea about choosing the appropriate envelope too.

Step 1

2. Take paper and make pencil dot marks after every 4 inches.

Step 2

3. Now start folding your paper in the accordion manner.

Step 3

4. Take a pencil and onto the top of the accordion formation (after collecting the folds) draw a girl sketch.

Step 4

5. Cut the girl sketch with the help of the scissors.

Step 5

6. Open up the formation and you will see the girl figures holding hands. Till here it looks like a normal craft DIY but now from here you infuse the creativity in. Make dresses for the small girl figures and then apply changes to their hair styles. You can even draw the eyes, nose and mouth. It’s all up to you that how creative you can be.

Step 6

7. Take the invitation card and then place the folded finalized girl figure images to it. Wrap this with a paper ribbon. Put this into the envelope. Congrats for making your creative bridesmaid cards.

Step 7

Things to watch out for

· Be caution with the scissors when you cut the girl shape from the folded paper.

· If you have to glue any part, take care of the glue. The best thing to do is to use the glue-stick.

· The envelope that you choose for enclosing the bridesmaid cards must be good enough to get all the things into it without distorting their shape.

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