Best tips to write a wedding invitation email

Making a computer generated email wedding invitation is a great way to go with the modern time and it is also a cheap and best way to invite your loved ones for your special day. The benefit of sending an email wedding invitation is that you can get connected to a large number of friends and family at no cost, plus you can also track your conformation responses. Here are the best ideas.

Wedding invitation email

Things you need

Paper and pen

Email account

Cell phone

Computer Spreadsheet


Expandable file

Necessary Instructions

1. If you are planning to give an email wedding invitations then you should certainly have an email account. Google or Hotmail are the two main websites where you can make one. Go to the calendar option and schedule all of your upcoming events and pre professional services. Color your appointments and set a reminder for each activity and make notes in the note’s section of the account page. You can be sure of every response from the guest by making enabling an option of conformation request.

2. You can post a task of gift receive in your account. This option will allow you to see which person has gifted for the wedding couple. This way you can send thank you cards for all those you are there in your list. Your email account will have a permanent record of every individual.

3. You can use email stationary and decorate your email account by using drawing tool on your computer. Light color stationary with dark printing letters is a cool way to decorate. Use scanner for pre made photos.

4. Use any personal poem or your favorite song on the wedding invitation. Include the basic information and then mention the names of Bride and Groom. Parents name should also be there and write an invitation mentioning the date, time, venue and reception. End the invitation by writing a thank you note.

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