Best ways to write in a wedding card

Wedding cards certainly are the most important part of a wedding ceremony and should be as unique as the wedding couple and can also be formal, informal or traditional or contemporary in style depending upon the kind of wedding theme brides and grooms are having. After finding the perfect wedding cards, it’s important to know what to write on the wedding card as the words written on the card depicts your affection and relationship with the bride or groom. Always try to go with simple and poignant words and express in meaningful way about what you feel about marriage and love.

Wedding Card

1. Heartiest wishes

The first thing you can write about the wedding couple can be your heartiest wishes for their married life full of love and best wishes for their togetherness so write like “ May your marriage life be full of love” or “ May you have as many years of happy marriage as we have had”.

2. Funny memories

If you have a deep relationship with the bride or groom then you can share memories you have with brides or groom; they can be any funny incident or some prank you have with them or any memory you all can never forget. Share something that makes them feel amazing or laugh after remembering those moments.

3. Welcome note

If you are a cousin or little brother or sister of the groom then don’t forget to welcome the bride through the wedding card. This gesture can be made for both bride or groom as it will make them feel a part of the new family.

4. Attending or not

If you are not attending the wedding ceremony of your friend or cousin {bride or groom}, you should simply regret for not coming to the event. Try to mention the genuine reason behind your not attending the wedding. And, if you are attending the wedding you can write “we are excited and happy to attend your wedding ceremony”.

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