Biggest post wedding turnoffs for women, things a man should avoid

Once you have entered into the marital tie, never think that life will take its own sweet course. If you have been thinking that marrying your lady love was your ultimate goal and you do not need to do anything to make her love you forever, you are wrong. There might be severe irritating things that can turn her off. Check out the list compiled here and find out what are your erroneous habits and amend yourself. We assure you that your marriage will remain happy ever after.

Being too arrogant

If you are too rigid and arrogant, it is mandatory that you check yourself. Women do not like men, who are too rigid and practically impossible to penetrate. They rather feel comfortable with a husband who is flexible and understanding. You might have your own views, but sticking to that rigidly every time and turning a deaf ear to each of your wife’s requests and proposals will piss her off. Therefore, learn to compromise and adjust to win her heart.

Bieng a mama’s boy

If you continue to be a mama’s boy post marriage you will surely make your wife vexed. Over-dependence is something that is a serious turn off for a woman. Especially after marriage, a woman seeks the support of a man who is firm and mentally independent. But, dancing to the tunes of your mother post marriage and never thinking of taking up your own decision never makes a good impression in the eyes of your wife. Therefore, stop being your mummy’s shadow and learn to grow up.

Being too irresponsible

Now that you have entered into a marital life, there is practically no room for kiddish behavior. Your wife might be pleased with childish hubby once in a while, but never show her that you are perennially irresponsible. She will simply be laid back. Being her partner in this legal relationship, you have equal responsibilities and duties. So, never try to escape them and put the burden entirely upon the shoulders of your spouse. Rather, learn to take up responsibilities and manage them single handedly. Women love responsible guys and you will make your mark for sure.

Losing the capacity to appreciate

If you do not have the ability to appreciate your wife, you will never be her ideal man! There are a few handfuls of men, who dig out all the negative attributes in their wives only but never ever feel to appreciate the positive points. This is very wrong. No human being is flawless. Even you might have a few demerits as well. So, learn to appreciate her as that will be a rewarding experience for your wife. She will reciprocate back positively too.

Treating her like a slave

You need to give respect if you wish to earn respect. Marriage is a relationship of two people who have equal say in that bond. So, never think that you will take the upper hand every time and treat her as a slave, ordering and instructing her every now and then. This will hurt her self esteem extremely and the marriage will suffer immensely. Be her partner in the relationship and not her master. Your life will always be better that way, which will be reflected in the form of a happy married life.

Being her permanent financial burden

Even though today’s society is that of equals, but the concept of house husband is looked upon with raised eyebrows! So, if you think of letting go your professional life and continue to lead your life on your wife’s bank balances and salary statements, no women will be prepared to tolerate that. In case if it is a temporary phase, your wife will be supportive. But if have decided to continue this forever, change your concept. Your wife will be seriously turned off.

Being extremely miser

Your hard earned money is definitely not something that should be drained out. But being pathetically miser will never work. If you think of depositing the entire penny you earn in the bank and never ever spend a minor slice too, your wife will be laid back. You might eat money, live money and dream money, but she has other pleasures too. Your miserly attitude can deter her from such pleasures and make her unhappy at the end of the day, without feeling proud of your big fat bank account.

Kepping touch with your exes

After you have got married, your exes are supposed to be your past. Never think of reconnecting with them as women appreciate committed and loyal husbands. Even if you assure your wife that this new linkage with your ex is nothing anymore but sheer friendship, she will never be convinced. So, restrain from continuing further with your ex post marriage if you are really serious about your marital relationship.

Being obsessed sex maniac

Sex is indeed an integral part of a married life. But this is equally true that marriage is not all about sex, at least that is exactly what it is seen from a woman’s point of view. So, forcing her to bed every now and then and trying to dominate her sexually every night will make her pissed off. Wives are not whores and never like to be treated that way too. Thus, instead of being a sex maniac try to be a man she loves.

Male chauvinist are condemned

If you consider females as the inferior beings who need to be abused and insulted, then we are sorry to say that you are nothing but a male chauvinist pig, as women call it. No woman appreciates that. Therefore, change your view towards the fairer sex immediately and treat them as human beings too and not mere creatures. Give women the equal respect and gratitude as you give to men. Never use abusive languages for women folk too. If you appreciate womanhood and respect it, you will be able to respect your wife too. This will make her respect you in turn.

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