Book themed wedding ideas for a studious wedding couple

Well, this article is a bit special and is for all those bookworm brides and grooms, who wants to showcase their love for the books through the most memorable day of their life. Incorporating books in everything related to your wedding is not a difficult task if you go with a specific plan and with some ideas. Decoration involving beautiful books that have cover colors matching with the color theme of will surely make your bid day celebrations a memorable one.

Book-themed wedding ideas

1. Let’s begin with telling your personal love story by decorating each table in the reception area with different chapters from the books you love the most. Though, not all of your guests will be interested to read books but certainly, ideas of the theme will fascinate them.

2. Another great idea to wow! your loved ones is by getting married in a local library that houses thousands of the love stories.

3. Use books as wedding centerpieces, top them with table numbers. You can also place stems of rose or any other flowers on these books. They look really beautiful. Hardback favorites can also be used as wedding centerpieces.

4. Give a library feel to the ceremony by infusing vintage card catalogs that will have seating numbers.

5. Fill these wedding favors with the sweetest touch of books. Cover your favors like candies in book page cone covers.

6. Make it more personal by arranging a vintage typewriter and let your guest write best wishes on it. On decoration part, you can make flowers out of different color books pages. They look artistic and subtle.

7. Arrange a craftsman to make garlands out of your lovely books.

8. At last, make a beautiful book wedding cake. For this you can take the help of professionals.

Source: equallywed

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