How to plan a Star Wars themed wedding

It is the time of your nuptial. So, like every other couple if you wish to go for a theme wedding party, we believe that it will give a highly customized appeal for sure. It is also the time of experimentation. So, a theme wedding party is the best measure for showcasing your obsession too. We have come up with Star War themed wedding. For all the Star War fans out there, there will be nothing more apt occasion to exhibit your passion for all these celestial beings than your nuptial. Now, let us make to learn how you should go about it.


Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitation

Start right from the wedding invitation so that your esteemed guests are fully aware that they are supposed to be the witnesses of one of the most extraordinary weddings of the town! It is the wedding of the aliens, super humans and brave warriors. At least that is exactly what you will be looking on your D-day. Now, create wedding invitation that resembles Star War episodes. You can pick up a particular episode that was a mega hit or the one that amused you the most. Include the iconic colors, characters and scenes of that episode in that invitation card. You can make it a bit customized too by referring the groom as ‘Jedi knight’ and the ‘Princess’.

Wedding Venue


This time your wedding venue will certainly not be a traditional chapel or church, neither will it be a conventional wedding venue. You need to run your brain and think of a wedding venue that looks like the Star Trek universe. Our suggestion is that you Hotel Sidi Driss, located at Matmata in Tunisia is a worth considering one. It was once a traditional Berber house, but now it is an iconic Star War themed wedding venue. Options for satisfying your gastronomic inclinations are also there in this hotel. So, your Star War themed wedding will definitely be a great celebration!

Wedding Attire

wedding attire

Although you practically do not have any chance to sport highly sophisticated traditional wedding attire, your scope of experimentation is quite extensive even now. For groom, the option points towards the characteristic attire of the Jedi master. Alternatively, you can also experiment with the ceremonial attire of the last episode of Star Wars. The groomsmen must be requested to wear the trademark clothing of Star War icons such as Jedi knights or the storm troopers. Even though the bride hardly has any scope of wearing ceremonial wedding attire in this theme wedding, but it will really be a different feeling when she flaunts the dress of Princess Leia or Queen Amidala. But the bride needs to be careful about complementing it with the right headpiece and hairstyle. The priest, who is supposed to be witnessing the ceremony, will look best with the theme if he sports the look of a Star War character too.

Wedding Jewelry and Accessories

wedding jewelry

Accessories and jewelry selection are utmost important if want to look like a perfect Star War couple. Replace your usual pricey wedding ring with that of a prototype Star War band that Leia or San Holo wore. The bride to be must shop for the characteristic Star War jewelries like the Star War Imperial Logo necklace or the Sith pendant. Groom can go for neck chains with Darth Vador locket or Jedi pendant. Cufflinks, tie pins and watches are also available that are in perfect unison with the theme.

Wedding Décor

wedding decor

Next comes the overall wedding décor that will justify your passion for Star Wars. Smaller detailing needs to be catered to for the purpose. So, incorporate elements of trademark Star Trek locations such as the Naboo royal city. Next important thing is the lighting part. The wedding guests must feel that they are walking through the illuminant light sabers. In order to create that effect, wisely incorporate plenty of iridescent globes and laser tubes. Take the help of a skilled electrician and place these lights in strategic positions so that the dedicated ambient light is set perfectly. A bonus on this will be Star War themed music. There are plenty of them already available. So, you need to pick a few for the ball room, the entrance and exit and play them to harmonize perfectly with your theme wedding. Label mark each of the reception tables with the names of Star War characters besides the names of your wedding guests. Cover the reception tables with the Star War themed table clothes, such as the one that have embroidered or printed motifs and appliques bearing the faces of the iconic characters, spaceships or Star War ammunition. In place of a regular centerpiece, place a model spaceship or a model Star War character, like the iconic Darth Vador to give your venue completeness. Add a few cutouts that resemble the various characters of your favorite science fictional show. Install a lot of these cutouts all throughout the venue of your wedding. Prioritize more upon the entrance so that as soon as your guests enter your wedding party, they get a feeling that they have landed into the Star War universe. Install most of the character cutouts especially at the entrance part. Get some Star War masks and ask your guests to wear them so that perfect ambiance is set all around. Now, order the catering department to replace the usual crockery and cutlery with that of the ones that look like Star War specialties like space ships, laser saber, etc.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is the most important engine that will bear the theme of your wedding. So, set aside some part of your energy to get a theme wedding cake for you. You can experiment with a lot of options in this case. The first one is that you can get a simple wedding cake and use toppings that resemble the trademark Star War icons. The second option is that you can go for an entirely Star War character shaped wedding cake that will look like your favorite fictional being or resemble a highly sophisticated Star War weapon or a spaceship. The choice is entirely yours and you have a lot of scope to work on that too.So, band on your creativity and make your Star War wedding a hit!

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