Bridal tips to get rid of acne before wedding

Wedding day is the most performing day for every bride. It is the day when she has to look beautiful to the maximum. But even the prettiest of the face tends to look ugly with the acne, pimples and acne marks. It is one of the biggest beauty related problem encountered by many brides worldwide. But with a little of care and the know-how of preventing and getting rid of the acne can make bride look beautiful and spotless. Here are few tips that every bride-to-be must know and apply to get a crystal clear face ready for the wedding day.

Acne free skin

1. Always use a mild soap to wash your face. It is rather better to know the pH of your skin tested. For that you can get a pH strip from any medical store. But in case, you do not know how to do that then better consult a skin specialist.

2. Do drink as much as water you can. Water helps in getting the toxins removed from the body system.

3. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Taking multi-vitamins will also help you in getting rid of the acne and pimples.

4. If you have lot of acne on your face then get a ointment for that from the doctor and apply it regularly before going to bed.

5. Prevent your face from any kind of dirt and dust.

6. Use wet tissues to wipe your face. Never use hands as they carry a lot of germs and impurities that can easily trigger acne.

7. Even after all these check you can’t get rid of the acne then it is better to consult a beautician who will help your face get the bridal make up that doesn’t let destroy acne the beauty of your pretty face.

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