Chinese wedding gifts for the newlyweds

One great thing about the Chinese wedding gifts is that they can give you a mixture of tradition with the modernity. They are available in a huge variety for you to choose from. Being cheap or affordable is not the only thing that make even the westerners go for these gifts. They do have nice aesthetics with them on the contrary. For a change, when you are shopping for some wedding gifts for the lovely bride and the groom whom you know closely, make sure you do not overlook the Chinese wedding gifts. They can become sweet and memorable gifts items for the newlyweds.

Indoor bonsai tree wedding gift

Indoor bonsai trees or the plants are mostly crafted from the tropical plants. These plants symbolize good luck and are very ideally gifted for the occasions like weddings. These plants are delicate and do require a certain amount of care on a routine basis. So when you make this as a gift to the wedding couple, then you should also include in your gift box a CD or a handbook that describes everything about these plants. Bonsai plants give a combined effect of a traditional, modern and a natural gift features and blesses the couple with its uniqueness and aesthetics.

Money enclosed in red envelope

If you are actually going to attend a Chinese wedding or even if you are not; you must know this little Chinese wedding gift tradition for sure. Money enclosed in a red envelope is considered as a great gift, talking about the Chinese tradition. The size of the envelope does not matter at all but what matters in real is the number! Number four is related to the death and number six is considered as lucky. Therefore, try being close to the latter and beware of number four when you offer money as the wedding gift.

Porcelain fish wedding gift

As per Chinese belief, a fish is related to luck and fertility in the marriage. So if you will gift a fish made out of any decent material, then it will bring admiration. This one here is porcelain made fish that has been handmade and painted with all natural colors without any slightest traces of the chemicals. You can get these kind of fishes very easily in any of the Chinese stores. Wrap it nicely and shower the newlyweds with the blessings and good luck.

Shuang Shi or double happiness character

Happiness is symbolic and inseparable to weddings. This Chinese wedding gift makes that double! Known as Shuang Shi or the double happiness character this wedding gift has been related to never ending happiness to the couple. These are mostly wooden made but can also be procured in variety of materials. Chinese calligraphy is also employed at times in the making of these distinguished wedding gifts.

Black mini lantern candle holder

Lanterns and candles form a great gift. This is a pair of black mini lantern cum candle holder that wedding guests can gift to the wedding couple. This is inspired from the eastern Chinese tradition. It forms a great decorative piece for the tables and the windows. One can even use it for the outdoor lighting with the beautiful candles lit in it. The material used in the making is skillfully crafted matte black metal and the glass. It measures about 7 inches in height.

Chinese folding sandalwood fan

An exclusive gift for the bride to feel happy about; this is a Chinese folding sandalwood fan that imparts blessings of the beauty and health to the bride for the time ahead that is to come. The fan has been crafted with professional and skillful hands and hand painting is infused to bring the magic touch to this fan. The delicate perfume of the sandalwood gives to the folding fan a cool feel. This is a good present to the bride if you are going for a beach themed wedding.

Set of Chinese paper lantern

Masses are slowly and steadily making it a point to share something that is eco friendly and by which they can contribute a little to the environment. The Chinese paper lanterns have been in use since the old and the ancient days and even today they attract people with their charm and simplicity. This set of the Chinese paper lanterns is a cute gift for the wedding couples. They can symbolize many a things like warding off the evils that are in their way. When burnt and released into the sky these look magnificent.

Feng Shui book wedding gift

Feng Shui is renowned worldwide for its effects on the home and the other outdoor environments. As the newlyweds will make an entry to a new house of their own, a Feng Shui book will give them knowledge about the ways to attract the prosperity, love, health and romance into their lives. People who live in the bigger cities have a great deal of things to learn from these books and they are not expensive as well. Wrap this with a good gift cover and say good luck to the bride and the groom.

Pair of Chinese umbrella wedding gift

A pair of Chinese umbrella makes a wonderful wedding present to the bride and groom. These umbrellas are earliest known forms of the umbrellas in the world. Made out of the lovely silk and sometimes paper these are waxed to repel water. They look very exquisite and can ignite love at any moment. You can well opt to give a single umbrella or a pair of these umbrellas to the newlyweds. One informative thing here for you to know is that the royal colors in these umbrellas are like red and yellow ones while the blue ones are the umbrellas that common people used to carry in the ancient times.

Personalized chopsticks wedding gifts

Another Chinese wedding gift that is graceful and also has the utility for the wedding couple after their wedding is the Chinese chopsticks. Even much better are the personalized chopsticks that can be kept at homes as the souvenir for the wedding. These come in a huge many styles and chief building materials, so you do have good options available. You can also add a china bowl or a plate in addition with these chopsticks into the gift box.

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