Scottish wedding gifts with the touch of timeless tradition

Scotland has been in style since the ages. Scottish style also touches the weddings in its own ways. The Scottish weddings of the present mark their origin from the 13th century. At that time the medieval Celtic churches used to proclaim the weddings. A marriage was announced for three successive Sundays and then on the fourth Sunday the actual wedding was scheduled. Just like the history of the Scottish weddings, one more thing has that much history and the style of tradition with it. They are Scottish wedding gifts that have generated a greater interest among the participants of weddings who are always searching for some exquisite gift. Here are a few of the Scottish wedding gifts that are valuable and have with them the touch of timeless tradition.

6oz pewter clan/thistle picture flask

These are beautiful flasks one of which is pewter clan picture flask and the other one is the pewter thistle picture flask. The outer surface of the flasks is all scratch resistant resin made. These have all the required touch of the tradition besides having the durability and the essence that is modern. So if you are planning to gift something among the Scottish wedding gifts then these one right here are just the perfect choice to make for the lovely bride and groom.

Rectangular clan crest kilt belt buckle

Made to order, this is a rectangular shaped belt buckle that has the clan crest to its centre. This has been made with the employment of the finest pewter. You get a range of about 200 different clans as an option in case of this belt buckle. These all buckles are approved by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs. Creative and unique this serves as a great gift to be cherished for all the coming years.

Hand turned lime wood spurtle

For those who do not know what a spurtle is; it is a traditional stirring stick that was used in the ancient Scotland for preparing the oatmeal. This is a beauty when it comes to the Scottish wedding gifts. It is also linked to a tradition as per which the oatmeal or the porridge must always be stirred clockwise using the left had only. If you do the other way round then you are sure to summon a devil! Well that is what the stories say but this is a common Scottish wedding gift that is gifted to the new bride to tame her all new husband.

Pride of Scotland tartan ribbon

Here is the tartan ribbon named as the Pride of Scotland which is made up from polyester. Having a 25 mm width this comes at price of about $2.36 per meter. This is like a heritage to Scotland and is a great wedding gift to present. The colors used in this ribbon represent different aspects of mesmerizing Scotland. Just for instance, the green and purple stand for its hulls and the glens whereas the white and the blue shades are the colors symbolic to the Scottish flag. The ribbon is high on quality and is sure to be treasured as a gift.

Pewter 1 pint tankard Scottish wedding gift

Scotland is famous for its drinking festivals where people get together and booze to have fun. And the other good thing is the music played by the bagpiper. Well, these both things have been taken care of in this gift item. This pewter tank yard comes in a very great quality and can hold up to 1 pint of the beverages like beer. So would you like to give this one to the wedding couple?

Scottish wedding memories keepsake box

Cute! Yeah, that is the word one utters when he/she sees this wonderful Scottish gift idea. So if you are thinking to gift something that can be personalized by the bride and the groom, then try giving this. They would just love you for gifting this. It features a kilted man with his wife on the lid. The cherry and the mahogany woods have been used to build this box. You have the option to paint the first names of the marrying couple with the date added to it too. This is an amazing gift to be cherished for a lifetime.

Original Scottish shortbread box

Shortbread is a traditional food item that is ingenious as Scottish wedding gift. The idea here is to gift something that actually gives the bride and the groom to have a taste of Scotland. Shortbread is known as the type of Scottish biscuit that is prepared from sugar, butter and oatmeal flour. The one shown here is a fantastic Scottish shortbread that has even bagged the gold medal at the 2005 Good Taste Awards. The air tight container well preserves the taste and the richness of the shortbread so that the newlywed can taste the delicious taste of this Scottish delicacy.

Scottish double wedding day horseshoes

Yet another gift which is too much unique and cannot be spared in this list of the Scottish wedding gifts is this beautiful silver colored Scottish double wedding day horseshoes. The horseshoes are enclosed in a box which has white satin that makes the gift look beautiful in appeal. Tartan ribbons have also been attached to the horseshoes. Maybe some of you might think this as a normal gift but it is sure to be one of the most unique ones. So just remember that if you opt for this one.

Clan crest sgian dubh

Crafted with some highest standard this is a stunning clan crest sgian dubh that is all handmade in Scotland. The metalwork done with this wonderful piece of traditional art is fully done with the pewter and with the palladium plating to it. You can choose among 200 various clans which are all approved by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs. This comes enclosed in a highly attractive gift box that is sure to spell its charm too when presented to the wedding couple.

Luckenbooth earthly joys Quaich

This is a 3.5 inches pewter Quaich that just kept traditional by its manufacturers with two handed cups of welcome. This is a great Scottish wedding gift. The company responsible for its making has been in the business for around 35 years. With the perfect celtic theme this serves as a great offering at a wedding. The box containing the Quaich comes with the Association of British Craftsmen seal.

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