Things to consider while choosing a wedding date

Selecting a perfect date for your wedding may be mind boggling because you have to fit all the elements together on the same day. The date should be very special because this is the date which will be remembered for years to come. These days selecting the right wedding date has become very confusing. Many couples want to get married on Valentine’s Day or when they first met. To make things a little simpler for you, we have listed some tips that will help you choose that perfect date.

Type of wedding you want to opt for

Before deciding about the date, think about the type and length of wedding you want. If you want a royal marriage and need time to earn money for it, decide how much time you two will need and then accordingly decide a date. On the other hand, if you are ready now and do not need any planning, fix any date ranging from three months to one year.

Your plans and schedule of your family and friends

Think about your job, education, and other major upcoming events in your calendar before deciding the wedding date. If you are planning to change your job or starting a new educational course, try to arrange your wedding afterward.You must also take your family members and friends schedule into consideration. Your wedding would be incomplete without your family and friends blessings.

Season of wedding

What season you want to get married in also plays a vital role in deciding your wedding date. If you like the bright sun, then summer is perfect for you and if blossom beauty is you thing that spring could be you pick. For those of you who love fall foliage can opt for autumn and in case you like chilly cold winters could be the right choice. You have to decide the season before deciding the date because weather will not only affect your wedding’s location and style, but it also set a complete different mood. So, consider the time of year wisely because unpredictable weather seasons like winter and fall may cause some problems.

Day of the week

Another important consideration is the day of week for your wedding. Whether you want a Saturday wedding, or looking to save some amount of money by having it on Sunday or any other weekday? Saturday is the most convenient day of wedding because all of your guests will be available, but think about the pricing. Saturday is the most expensive day of the week to tie the knot. You can consider a Sunday or Friday to save a good amount.

Festive holidays

Any festive holiday can add a completely different soul to your wedding. If you want a Nutcracker wedding or always dreamt of a heart covered wedding cake, you are a festive couple. On the other hand, some of your guests may not want to indulge in your wedding on a festive season. Take both these things into consideration and decide.

Venue and vendors

Check the availability of the place where you want to get married before deciding the date. Whether you want your wedding ceremony at the church or the most beautiful hall of your city, make sure they are available on the decided date. Apart from the venue, book everyone from photographer to flower providers to caterers.

Time for the engagement

Generally, one year’s time is enough to plan everything to make your big day perfect. So, choose a wedding date considering the time you need for all the planning, shopping, decoration, etc.But, in case you want a lavish wedding that is remembered for years, you may take a little longer to plan and arrange things.

Numerology, if it matters to you

Everyone wants to marry on a date that can help live their life peacefully and happily. For example, when the addition of year, month, and date results in number 1, it works as a symbol of new beginning. If it comes to number 2, it symbolizes balance, which is necessary to enter in a new relation. Consult any astrologer or numerologist for more explanations and fix a suitable date.

Special occasions

Many couples want to get married on special dates like February 14 (Valentine’s Day), October 18 (The Sweetest Day), etc. Apart from these dates, its would also be very romantic and interesting to marry on the day you first met, on your or your partner’s birthday, or on wedding date of your parents.

Dates and months to avoid

There are some wedding dates and months that should be avoided. For example, the weekend before tax day is not a good time to have your wedding ceremony, especially if you or your partner is a tax attorney or an accountant. Inventory always happen in July and new fiscal year begins in September, no matter what your career is, you will be stressed in these months or you will not get enough leaves for the occasion or honeymoon.

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