Cool beach wedding gifts for the beach themed weddings

Beach weddings are characterized by the wonderful, carefree and enjoyable wedding atmosphere. If you are planning to be a part of such a beach themed wedding soon, then you might be looking for some gifts for the bride and the groom too. And also you will be finding it a bit difficult to get something that goes with the wedding theme. We do have some ideas to give you a helping hand. Here we have a pretty list of few selected wedding gifts that will go perfectly fine with the beach themed weddings and the ones that bride and the groom will love to have.

Seashell gel candle with thank you note

When you attend a beach wedding, it certainly leaves you with some good taste. The seashell gel candle is just like that phenomenon. This is a custom made wedding gift which is made up of a beautiful glass vessel that contains the scented gel and some pretty seashells that look adorable. When lighted, this candle gives a pretty light along with the aroma that spreads in the air. Along with this scented glass gel candle filled with the seashells, it has a glass slab which contains a beautiful ‘thank you’ note within.

Beach themed photo frame

Just like a splash to the special occasion like a wedding, this is a great wedding gift. This beach themed photo frame is made up of all original materials like sea stars, shells and the sand. The natural color of the ploly resin has been used for the polishing and the finishing touches. This has frame size of 2 3/4″ x 3 1/2″ and a photo size of 2″ x 3″. It will make a good gift to be given to the wedding couple to bless them with a great love-filled life ahead together.

Beach theme pen set

Having a traditional touch in your wedding gift that you plan to gift to the newlywed couple is good sometimes. This one here is a beach theme pen set that has a heart shaped base. The pen set comes with the seashell design and some natural colors of the sand that tone up good. This is a perfect suited traditional wedding gift for the beach themed wedding you will be going for. The size of the pen set is 8”H.

Starfish inspired beach themed toasting glasses set

An adorable set of wine glasses that is called as the starfish inspired beach themed toasting glasses set is really a good pick. It is a great addition to the wedding gifts of the bride and the groom. It is made up of the durable poly resin material that has been given the starfish designs. The color usage is also matched with the beach theme that is the white and the sky blue. The finishing has been done with some crystals. All this make this toasting glasses set as the best thing to say cheers for the perfect wedding and thereafter.

Beach themed cookie cutter sets

Giving the touch of some beach side beauty, these are the beach themed cookie cutters. Each set have 4 pieces of these cookie cutters in it. The cutters are in the shapes of starfish, dolphin, seashell and the palm tree. This is beautiful not only in appearance but also in its function being a pride to every kitchen. Can be used in variety of functions where cookies have to be served. This is packaged in a box that is transparent with the base that is beach themed and tied around is the bow made of ivory organza, which has the thank you tag to it.

‘By the Sea’ Lighthouse Tea Light Holder

Unique in design, this lighthouse tea light holder is a beautiful work of art. It is such an imaginative gift to present for the wedding. The beach theme is well impregnated unto this one. It has the detailing of the lighthouse which is adorable and looks like a beach blessing. Have windows and a lantern room to the top that look cute. The included tea light candle can burn as long as one hour or so. It has a good structure as well. Take this if you really like to give good surprises. It will make a great table decorative item.

Starfish ice cream scoop

Everyone loves ice cream. So why no gift this pretty starfish ice cream scoop to the couple that is getting married. The handle is made up of resin and the color of the same resembles with the ocean colors. The finishing is white and epoxy. A charming looking starfish and clear crystals have been added up to it to enhance its beauty furthermore. This will always be cherished in the times of the summers when the couple will want to ignite the romance eating come cool flavored ice cream!

Gold oyster stud earrings

Gold oyster stud earrings will make a wonderful wedding gift for the gorgeous looking bride. These are 15 mm in their diameter and have a length of 3/4 inches. The lovely looking earrings can also be availed in the silver making. The ivory colored pearls are set to the crust of the 16k matte gold plated oyster cups. These are skin friendly being all natural. So if you are looking for some jewelry gift to make as a present, then this one is you must buy without hesitating at all.

Beach theme disposable camera

Beach theme disposable camera is a great wedding gift idea that can be used as the wedding favor for the wedding guests as well. For the couple to have a small remembrance for their beach themed wedding this is a delightful item. 35mm and with the 24 exposure this is a 400 speed film camera. Can be used to click the pictures both in outdoors and the indoors as it have the built in flash too. It works well for the seaside captures and shots.

Unique beach themed wine charms

Getting to the core of the beach celebrations during the beach themed weddings these unique beach wedding themed wine charms are made to create the magical touch when anyone is having a beach side toast or something like that. These include 4 pieces that have the shells, starfishes and dolphins. As a wedding gift they will always make couple to feel the nostalgia of their wedding.

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