Vintage wedding ideas

Wedlock is regarded as a pious moment when two souls pledge to be together under the roof of compatibility, which should never get demolished. The wedding will become highly desirable, and a moment to cherish for a lifetime, when the wedding will hold an aesthetic scent of vintage. The vintage wedding can include, vintage cars accompanied by an old gothic arrangement of the church. The article will introduce you to new exciting ways by which one can make the ceremony of exchanging vows special and serene. Vintage has class and elegance written all over it. Combined is a list of a few vintage ideas for your wedding day.

The vintage wedding dress!

when you plan your wedding. When going old school, it is highly important to get that vintage look in your dress. You must know that the old-fashioned theme had everything to do with lace work. The dress should be in lace cloth in order to get that fashionable and graceful look. Outmoded dresses are not hard to find and can easily be tailored to your preference. A simple dress would have antique written all over it. It need not be a sweetheart neck line or a halter only. Remember to pair it up with gloves with a bit of lace on them too. The dress should not be a pearl white color, as lace looks its best in an archaic creamy off-white color.

The vintage wedding shoes!

Shoes to match your dress are imperative and having known that you would be going for the dated theme, it is obvious that you would choose shoes which give a touch of old fashioned in them. Go for shoes with the cha-cha heel and closed toe shoes. The heels could have a tie front option which is preferable and they are pretty much made from inspiration of the 40’s and 50’s. You could go for the 3.5 inch heel and if not cha-cha heel then even another heel type would do. They must be ankle length shoes and there you have you have your vintage shoes for the big day.

The vintage wedding invitation card!

As mentioned above that going passé states going lacelike in your decorations, it is understandable that the invitation will have some lace work too. The invitation will have a dull rustic color to it and you have a choice of either applying the lace background or not. Shades of urban brown and mustard colors gives out the dated appearance. Making the invitations look really old would do the trick too. Victorian elements like carriages and horses, frills and curls, swirl borders and intricate designs are what are mainly used.

The vintage wedding bouquet!

Another thing quite common amongst the older eras was pearls. You could have pearls flowing placed in an elegant fashion over you bouquet paired with feathers. The flowers should not to be too bright in color. Makes sure you blend it well with your wedding dress and do highlight your bridal bouquet by the usage of upbeat colors. Pale pinks preferably roses and carnation would be perfect. You could ivory wisps from an ostrich wing feather with delicate shades like vintage pink.

The vintage wedding cake!

A wedding cake is obviously important, and since you are following the old school theme goes for the black and white cake with designs that appear like intricate lace work. If you choose too you could also go for a creamy white. Going for pearls on cakes would also be a fun idea of an antique cake. Floral designed cakes and crown shaped tiers are a great option too. Your cake should be inspired from the golden eras.

The vintage wedding cake topper!

A cake must always have a cake topper and if you cake does not have the outmoded exterior then have a classic cake topper. You can have cake toppers which have a hint of obsolete in them. Try out for really old looking toppers. These toppers mainly have floral designs and are off-white and with a ball gown. There are number of other styles to go Victorian.

The vintage wedding crockery!

Wedding crockery is often hard to decide upon, hence the reason you have themes. It makes it easier for one to decide what they want. The chosen theme being Victorian spells bone china having being used a lot. Plates with sober colors would make the best crockery arrangements and silverware which is not too shinny. Have light floral designs on the plates. Silverware with really intricate medieval drawings is fine too.

The vintage wedding centerpieces!

The archaic décor is the best part, because there are unbelievable options to choose from. You can have rusted looking cages, pearls or even just simple lace curtains and the venue would look stunning. Go for a really old barn area or a hotel which gives out that certain medieval ambience about it. Centrepieces with elegant pearls here and there would keep the old fashioned look up to the mark. Flower centrepieces which do not have bright flowers in them and lantern would be fascinating to have.

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