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Finding the perfect wedding gift doesn’t have to be a difficult task, as the wedding gift ideas are as endless as your imagination. Some of the most important things you need to keep in mind while selecting the wedding gift includes your budget and the liking of the bride and groom. If you want your gift to stand out of the crowd, you might love the idea of opting for a personalized wedding gift, which will surely delight the couple for a long time. The shelves are flooded with a range of wedding gifts these days, so you need to be very sure of the one you are going to buy. To make an everlasting impression, make sure the gift you choose should be distinctive and cool. Check out some cool wedding gift ideas given below.

Mondri Vase

The beautiful Mondri Vase pictured here is a cool piece of home decor and therefore makes for a gracious wedding gift. The vase is actually a tribute paid by the designer to the elegant paintings of Piet Mondrian who was a famous Dutch artist. The colors and the style used in this three dimensional testimonial were favoured by the Dutch artist in his paintings. This eye-catching piece of marvellous art was also nominated for Denmark’s Formland design award. The Mondri vase is a perfect choice as a wedding gift for a couple with an artistic taste.

Ice Cluster Fairy Lights

These ice cluster fairy lights are designed in form of a charming garland of lovely fairy lights. There are 30 white LED bulbs covered in lumps of clear crystals on fine silver chains. These beautiful Ice Cluster Fairy Lights will give a sharp icy glow and will thus be a fantastic addition to the window or wall of your living room, across a fireplace or even around your favourite indoor plant. The entire length of the garland is 8m out of which 3m glows by using the electric power of the mains. These stunning Ice Cluster Fairy Lights can be considered as a cool wedding gift idea.

Reflection Oil Lamp Set of Three

The lamp set pictured here displays a contemporary and flawless design that can modernize any part of your room. It comes in a set of three pieces of variant heights and can adorn your room when placed either together or separately. These beautiful sculptures are made out in high gloss polished stainless steel containing wicks of durable fiberglass. These timeless pieces can be used for a longer time. These can also make out as amazing gifts for the newlyweds.

Handmade Wishbone Chair

The wishbone chair displayed in the picture has been made keeping in mind the comfort and elegance. This elegant chair is handmade keeping in mind all rich quality aspects. The iconic and unique design of the wishbone chair is created in aluminum with adjustable hide seat. The chair is available in various colours to match up with your choices. You can proudly pack it as a wedding gift for the newlyweds.

Lovers Flutes with Stand

These dazzlingly beautiful champagne flutes would turn out as the most adorable of all wedding presents; these tempting flutes would charm the lovers by their unique design in silver. The gorgeous champagne flutes have no base of their own. These flutes gracefully sit in an intertwined heart shaped base. The solemnized design of these refined and flashy flutes would let the new couple enjoy the drink of love.

Metal Seed Box – Wall mounted with shelf

This metal seed box has been created by Clifford Richards, who is a renowned graphic artist. He designed this stylish box in heavy gauge steel. This fine looking seed box is a perfect area to store the seeds and bulb packages in a proper way. There are six different rooms to maintain the seed and bulb packets. There is a small opening on the floor and the shelf on one of the sides of box. There are many small holes on the box kept for airflow. The material used for making the seed box will hinder the rodents to damage the seeds and bulbs. These seed boxes are a cool wedding gift idea and can be placed in the sheds, kitchen gardens or greenhouses.

Personalized Wedding Bowl

This elegant and one-of-a-kind personalised wedding bowl would be a wonderful gift for the newly married couple as they will always remember their grand day celebrations every time they will make use of this special bowl. Artist Heather Shadron handcrafted this beautiful souvenir in her Georgia studio. She also paints the names of the couple in fern or wave pattern in any hue of your choice.

Pancake Plates- Set of two

Jon Wye has magnificently created this set of plates for delicious and ravening pancakes. The heightened edge of the plate lets it slope gently towards the person eating the meal without letting the inner contents of the plate fall on the table. The plate also includes a small reservoir for loose syrup or sauce, so that each bite of the yummy pancake can be easily dipped in the syrup and enjoyed to the fullest. The set of the plates come in two different colors that are white and golden brown namely.

Custom Framed Family Wall Art
This San Diego made Custom Framed Family Wall Art has been inspired from the 1920’s and 30’s mass transit systems’ vintage “roll-stop” subway and trolley signs. This frame can be a wonderful gift for a newlywed couple for their wedding ceremony. Your family’s monogram can be printed in an elegant pattern according to your requirements. The frame inscribes your name initials, the date on which the family started plus the city and country to which the family belongs. These details are then impressed on museum-grade archival paper. It is then covered in black polar frame and finally sealed in plexiglass.

Recycled Glass Tree Globes

Delight the newlywed couple by gifting them the Stephen Kitras’ amazing, multihued, recycled glass tree globes, which hand-blown in Canada. The trunk and budding branches inside the orbs look simply stunning and the use of colors add to the beauty. The recycled glass orbs are available in four different versions – Happiness, Rebirth, Creativity and Passion, and make for a cool wedding gift, which the couple will cherish for a long time.

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