Creative ideas to make your wedding cards look different

Not being just a reminder of the forthcoming wedding celebrations but the wedding invitations or the wedding cards mean a lot more than that. They serve to be as the origin of the joys that you are planning. These days you find yourself in a whole lot of confusion by seeing so many various styles of the wedding cards available in the market. But one thing that will make your wedding card stand apart from the rest will always remain the creativity that you will be infusing into them. In order to make you much proficient with the ways you deal with your wedding cards we are giving you some of the best creative ideas that you will ever find. Please keep on with reading further to discover these unique ideas for your wedding cards.

Choosing your wedding cards

The first part of anything is the most difficult one. But sit back and relax. Before you lay hands on choosing a particular style of the wedding cards for your wedding, you must know the process of choosing them. The wedding cards are the first glance into your special day. They give an idea about how your actual wedding will look like. Make sure that when you choose a particular style, you do not overlook the theme of your wedding. Have your wedding partner with yourself to have his/her say in this matter. Getting a wedding card designer is the best way you can have what you really want. Make this a procedure that takes time and do not hurry at all.

Hand painted wedding cards

Talking about the uniqueness and the individuality, hand painting your wedding cards all by yourself will make them look different without any doubt. But if you fear that you would not be able to replicate the similar design to each card on your own, then we do have a good idea for you. Get a good local painter hired for you and ask him to do what you like. The best part about the hand painted wedding cards is that they give you a feel of the wedding as a beautiful experience coming ahead. You can also involve your family and friends in this activity.

Eco friendly wedding cards

Environment lovers and those who like the green way can give a shot to this idea. The eco friendly wedding cards have to be a part of an eco friendly wedding surely but even if you are not having this as your theme, these for obvious are a great idea. Wedding cards made out from the recycled paper are in fashion these days and you will get many a designs of them in the market itself. Also to get them by your side you can purchase them online.

Online wedding cards

People spend a lot of time online. Sending the online wedding cards or the e-wedding invitations therefore is a better idea. This also makes sure that the wedding cards are sent to all the people at same time. You can get a response on your wedding invitation online as well. These are also bound to be eco-friendly form of the wedding cards as no paper and trees are involved in the procedure. You can select from the large collection of the wedding cards that have been put on the wedding invitations websites and choose what as per your opinion goes with your taste and style.

DIY wedding cards

As is the popularity of the online wedding cards, DIYing your wedding cards is also catching the buzz these days. This a great idea to get your wedding cards ready and you can also save on your wedding budget using this method. You can add the elements as per your wish to such wedding cards. You can also make different sets of the wedding cards. Ones that you will be giving to the family and the friends and the others that you will send to the more formal of the wedding guests section. This idea makes your wedding cards look individualistic in all their features.

Designer wedding cards

Yes you read this right! Famous designers like Vera Wang and others are going for the wedding cards designing as well. Couples who have planned their budget appropriately and the ones who can spend a few extra dollars can surely go for the designer wedding cards and invitations. The uniqueness of these wedding cards is far beyond any judgement. They have a variety in the material used, invitation wordings, texture and the color schemes. The designer wedding cards will give your wedding guests a decent outlook for the forthcoming wedding day.

Speakingor Musical wedding cards

Speaking or the musical wedding cards are another wonderful type of the wedding cards. In this case you can record the wedding invitation and when the wedding cards reach to the doors of your wedding guests they will be surprised to have them. Once anyone opens a single card it will utter the whole wedding invitation with all the details and guidelines for the guests. If you do not want the speaking wedding cards then you can always care to add some music in that place while leaving all the written information intact on the wedding card.

Wedding cards with flowers and fruit boxes

Sending just wedding cards to your loved ones is not enough. Make them to fall in love with your inviting style by sending them some good flowers. Flowers like roses make the best ones for this purpose. Apart from the flowers, you can send them boxes of the fruits which are assorted. You can use the fruit blossoms to decorate the upper part of the boxes. If you do not like the idea of sending the fruits then use some natural gift item like a nice natural derived honey bottle.

Photo wedding cards

Using your own photographs, that is the bride and the groom photographs pictured together or singularly makes great delight for your wedding cards. They give a much personalized effect to your wedding cards. You can use the color photographs or the black and white ones to add some classic touch to the wedding cards. Having a group photograph that have all the members of the both families on the back side of the wedding card will make the wedding card look adorable and memorable.

Themed wedding cards

How can you overlook the theme of your wedding? So no matter how you get your wedding cards ready just stay with the theme all the time. For example a beach wedding card must have the elements of the ocean or the sea. On the other hand if you are having a color wedding theme like a pink, white or red one then have that as the color of your wedding card as well. Make as much as similarity associated with the wedding cards pertaining to a theme.

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