Creative wedding invitation ideas that will save an envelope for you!

Only the creative souls know how to infuse innovation and uniqueness to all their life’s major events. Wedding is one of the biggest events in everybody’s life and therefore special care has to be taken for planning the perfect wedding. The very first thing that you need to look into at the time of wedding planning is the wedding invitation ideas. If you have a wedding theme then it all becomes so easy for you, as you can select just the appropriate kind of wedding invitations for your wedding. But what if you try to do something special with your wedding invitations? Well, if you do then you create wonders. Look at these creative wedding invitations that will save an envelope for you! Not only will these envelope-less invitations save you money, but will also save the environment by eradicating the use of paper envelopes.

Tree ring wedding invitation

There are two options for getting this form of a wedding invitation. One of the options will be to get a look alike of the tree ring from the cardboard artist and the other one will involve the real tree ring. The wedding invitation wordings are then imprinted to the ring and send to the wedding guests. No need to get this tree ring wedding invitation into an envelope.

Tea towel wedding invitation

The year was 2009 and the couple of Karen Wilson and Ben Brown decided to do something special with their wedding invites. So they did. They printed their wedding invitation wordings onto the tea towels and made this style of wedding invitations popular. People still talk about these invitations online and even a website was created by the couple to dissipate out few more designs to those who love this idea.

Airplane ticket wedding invitation

The airplane ticket or the boarding pass wedding invitations are such a creative and unique idea. This saves paper and also discards the usage of envelope. These can be created in various many formats and colors and even after a wedding reminds of the beautiful gesture that the couple put in. All the information about the wedding like the wedding date, wedding venue and the names of the bride and the groom with the message can easily be printed on to these kinds of invitations.

Camera film rolls wedding invitation

With the advancement in the technology we might have start forgetting the camera film rolls but maybe the couple of Trevor & Larissa who are passionate photographers didn’t had that opinion. They created these much hit wedding invitations out of just few film rolls. These can be homemade with little of expertise. Just get the film rolls and then roll in the wedding invitation. Need no envelope as the film roll in itself does that work! Kudos to the brilliant idea by the couple!

Button wedding invitation

The magnetic buttons or even the simple buttons that are worn by the people in the different occasions can be printed to make up to the wedding invitations. The wedding guests can put these like the badge and this will give a great vibe to the wedding ceremony as it will bring in the integrity of the big day and will form unison among the guests. But do remember to have an equal number of wedding button invitations as are the wedding invitees. These wedding invitations can also play a part of wedding favors to the wedding guests as they can keep these with themselves all their life as a remembrance to the big day of your celebration.

Message in the bottle wedding invitation

These kinds of invitations have been popular in the past too. Well a very creative idea for the modern times too. The message in the bottle wedding invitations can be utilized in any of the beach themed weddings. A pirate themed wedding will obviously be incomplete without these invitations. So just roll your invitation. Slip inside the bottle and cork lid it! That’s all!

Balloon wedding invitation

Fun filled balloons make even the serious of an adult to act like a child. So you can just bring out this fun in your wedding guests by sending them the balloon wedding invitations. The balloons have the printed information and the wedding invitation wording on it. When received at the doorsteps, the wedding invitees just have to inflate it and see his/her wedding invitation. Creative isn’t it?

Library card wedding invitation

Maybe come bookworm came up with this little wedding invitation idea but it is creative too. The library card look-alike wedding invitations are rather too cool. Ask the wedding guests to come to your wedding with their invitations and stamp the ones who have come; this will give a library feel for sure.

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