Wedding ideas: How to wear black to a wedding

Wearing black to the wedding ceremony is not a taboo anymore and now, black color suits to almost every occasion. With so much evolution in fashion industry, many notable designers are coming up with deemed fashionable and classic designs that can be worn to any kind of functions. Here we are, sharing some important things you should consider while wearing black to the wedding.

Wear black to a wedding


1. You don’t want get a surprise looks from the people in wedding especially from the bride so; make sure you clear the things in advance. Ask the bride if she has issue with black or not. Find something else to wear, if she doesn’t agree with you wearing black. It is her day and you certainly wouldn’t want her to think bad just because you wanted to wear something else.

2. If bride doesn’t agree for you wearing black to the ceremony, ask her if you can go with black accessories. No matter what you are wearing, you will always look great with black accessories. Wearing black accessories will add a nice accent to the overall charm and this can include a black tie, a black belt or necklace or scarf.

3. If you have decided to with black wedding dress, make a colored combinations by wearing colored accessories with black. Dress with polka dots or strips and a colorful scarf around the neck will look amazing for wedding ceremony. Wearing different-colored shoes with black dress will also be a good option to add a bit of color that breaks up the black.

4. You should buy jewelry that complements well with you black dress. Buy something that is in fashion. Read fashion magazines and study various combinations.

5. Before taking a final call on the black dress, discuss your choices with your loved one (friends and relatives). In case of any objections, you can change your plans and dress yourself up accordingly to the choices available.

Things to watch out

Your attitude should be light and friendly so as to offset anyone’s fears about you wearing black.

Don’t look morbid or silly by wearing only black. Make a classic combination of the dress with accessories.


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