Dealing with your alcoholic husband can be easy

Alcohol can change an otherwise nice and polite person completely. So, if you are tormented with your husband’s alcoholism we can understand what a unique challenge you are facing every day. But if you take our words then we will ask you to hold on for a while before you finally call it quits and dissolve your relationship. Although he might never say so, but we believe that your alcoholic husband needs help to recover from the situation. So, it is not a big deal to help your husband get rid of alcoholism. All you need for this is patience, compassion and a few strategic steps. Read on further and you can discover ways to deal with your husband’s alcoholism.

Detect the primary signs of alcoholism

Before you take any step it is vital to check whether your spouse is an occasional drinker or has become an addict. An easy way to go about it is to see whether he can live without a single drop of alcohol for a day or two. If he succeeds then you can be relieved that he is not an alcoholic. But in case if you witness just the opposite then it is time you should be alert. If he shows irritation in the process and reacts violently for not being able to booze then matters are really serious.

Mind the limit

One who drinks regularly can never be identified as an alcoholic. When things are kept within limits there is absolutely nothing to be tensed about. If you observe that your husband’s drinking is restricted to a peg or two then it is absolutely fine. It is a permissible dose and never makes anybody addicted.

Look out for his behavior

Identify whether daily drinking is right for your husband or not. This is the root that will let you know if there are chances of addiction in days to come. Analyze your husband’s behavior. If you find that he behaves violently, uses filthy and abusive languages when he boozes and gets out of control then help him quit alcohol for the good. It hints that alcohol is sure to engulf him one day. In this case dosage hardly matters. While some people stay stable even after gulping down a whole pint others lose control after a couple of pegs only.

Analyze the psycho somatic symptoms

Psycho somatic symptoms are persistent among 90% of alcoholics. This means that when these people do not booze some symptoms become prevalent in them. The common ones among them are shaking of hands, jitters, nervousness, sudden and excessive sweating, tremendous headache and temporary insomnia. These symptoms get intensified when the person goes without alcohol for a number of days. But all these vanish when he resolves to drinking again. If you observe anything like this in your husband take necessary steps to help him overcome it.

Discourage drinking alone

People who become addicted to alcohol start it by drinking alone in the initial phase. They site different reasons for drinking alone such as depression, stress, mere time pass, etc. If your husband belongs to this race and often drinks alone then discourage him by being in his company and communicating with him. This way his spare time will be usurped by your positive presence and he will not get a chance to drink alone.

Argument is not your solution

Most often majority of us start arguing with drunken people. The conversation starts getting heated up and leads to a nasty aftermath. Avoid such a habit. It will never solve things rather make your life a hell. You must understand that when your drunken husband acts violently he does not do it intentionally. So, it is foolish to retaliate back in the similar fashion. A wise tip is to be patient and ignore him for the day. Talk to him on the matter only when he is normal.

Break the detrimental social circle

If it strikes you that the social circle that your husband belongs to is a menace that is encouraging your husband’s drinking habits then we support your notion. Social circles have a lot of influence on people and negative influences are the strongest. Break this social tie immediately. Conceive ways so that your husband does not get opportunity to come in contact with such social ties. Be certain to be your husband’s constant company in case if you get an unavoidable invitation from such a social circle.

Never apply force to get things done

In majority of the cases it will be immensely difficult to make your husband agree to your set norms that will help him get rid of alcohol. Our tip is that never force him to do things you want. Similarly, it will also not be wise to reveal to him even in good humor what your intentions are. He might not take your intentions with positive zeal. So, the wisest way to go about it is to be secretive and get the work done without making him have the slightest hint.

Talk to your husband rationally

It is futile to cry and weep in front of your husband and let him know that you are suffering due to his drinking habits. Alternatively, it is also futile to quarrel with him that your life has become a hell. All these will set a blow on his mind and make him even more depressed and frustrated. It is crucial for you to understand that an addicted person becomes a prey to alcohol. Neither can he control his behavior nor can he leave it overnight. Any depressing situation instigates him further to continue drinking. So, be rational and discuss with him the ill consequences of drinking. Relate to him how you as well as he will be the receiving end due to this addiction. Things will be better this way.

Apply techniques of stress management

If you figure out that alcoholism in your husband is due to an extremely stressful lifestyle then apply techniques of stress management. Ask him to go for a session of yoga, get him to a spa or give him an invigorating massage and ask him to take a refreshing hot water bath every time he feels worn out. All these positive measures will counter his inclination for alcohol.

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