Dealing with pre-wedding family issues!

You know that you started cherishing the idea of marriage from the day you began playing with your dolls and got them married in your little games. You have always considered wedding to be pious, family affair where everyone is making new ties. But as your wedding date is drawing near, you realize that wedding is not just about positive excitement, it is also about certain family issues and feuds that you need to deal with. Some of these issues are emotionally charging and require urgent attention. So check some tips to deal with family issues.

1. A grouchy, grumpy sister

Sulking sister

The same sister who was once your friend and confidant appears all grumpy and irritable when you discuss your wedding plans. She only whines and complains.

If your sister’s behavior is irritating you then instead of going crazy, try and understand the reason behind her acts. Generally sisters act in an irritable way only because they are sad. And what might appear as anger and jealousy is actually pain which is often masked with her pouts and complains. So be empathic, ask her the reason why she is unhappy and she will surely open up.

If this doesn’t works then allow your sister to plan a certain section of your wedding. This would make her feel a part of celebrations and would also help her know how happy you are. This in turn would reduce her sorrows.

2. Parents are not fond of fiancee

Parent's don't like my fiance

Your parents love you a lot and support all your decisions. But as the wedding is approaching, it appears that they don’t like your fiancée and this creates a lot of tension for you.

If your parents are behaving or acting in a certain way because they aren’t too fond of your fiance, then notice their concerns. Talk to them and ask them why they aren’t too happy about your choice. Your parents will surely provide you with a reasonable answer. They might not like your fiancee because of certain negativity or because he might not fit into a picture that they had imagined.

So, if you find that your parents aren’t fond of your fiancée then be patient, let them accept the fact. Also try and arrange meets between your parents and your fiancée so that they get to know him better.

3. Our parents don’t get along

Our parents don't get along

We all dream of a ‘big-happy family.’ But when you see your parents and your fiance’s parents then you notice that they have several differences amongst them.

They may not be going along due to variety of reasons such as ego-clashes, different approaches towards life, societal status etc. So talk to them separately and know the troubles. But if you realize that their dislike for each other is immense, then avoid making too many plans involving your folks and his folks together.

4. Divorced parents

Divorced parents

If your parents are divorced and fight a lot then you may be in a little trouble because you are concerned about how to bring them onto the same platform without any of them fighting. Well it may seem too difficult but it isn’t actually. You just have to talk to your parents and remind them that they need to be responsible and act like parents on your wedding day instead of being exes. But make sure that you are polite in your approach. Also make them feel comfortable and don’t neglect any one of them.

They could be seated miles away from each other without causing you and the rest of the guests any hassle. You could have them meet at the rehearsal dinner and tell them it is your day and have them be courteous to each other. You could get them to come with a date each so that they are distracted form each other. Make sure they both have a date.

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