DIY: Herbs in a teacup, an Eco-friendly wedding favor

If you are an Eco-conscious groom or a bride, you must be thinking of various ways to keep your wedding celebrations green. For your wedding, you can consider of giving Eco-friendly favors to your guests to express your gratitude and thanks towards them. There are numerous Eco-friendly wedding favors that abet green lifestyle and also send a special message for the guests. Today, we have a wonderful DIY wedding favor idea for you -Herbs in a Teacup, an Eco-friendly wedding favor. Follow these steps.

Herbs in a teacup

The things you need

Vintage teacups

Potting soil


DIY Tips

1. First of all, take a bunch of herbs of your choice and place them inside teacup. Now, fill the tea-cup with the potting soil.

Herbs in a teacup

2. Remove the extra soil from the cup and clean off any excess soil from the cup. Place the cup on saucer.

Herbs in a teacup

3. Now, repeat the same procedure with other teas-cups, you want for the wedding.

Herbs in a teacup

4. You can use these Eco-friendly herbs tea-cups wedding favors for wedding that has an Eco-friendly theme and also for a vintage wedding, these wedding favors are just a great idea.

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