DIY: How to make a pencil bouquet

Are you in love with your school days, when you used to have a bag full of books and many beautiful colored pencils or you love the fall season of the year? Well, you can also bring back those happy memories by incorporating an amazingly beautiful DIY – a Pencil Bouquet- in your wedding. Though, not a very traditional item to be included in a wedding bouquet but can be a great idea for many occasions like wedding party favors or a gift for your artist friends. Stick to the article and read out how to make a pencil bouquet out of various color pencils.

Pencil bouquet

Things you need

Around 50 yellow no. 2 pencils and 50 new colored pencils.

A rubber band, 20 inches of fabric ribbon and pencil sharpener

Pencil cup and around 48 pencils that have printed message


1. Start with shaping 50 colored pencils and give them an equal size by shaping every pencil to reach to the minimum point and the same length.

2. Now, hold all the sharpen color pencils into a tight bunch and arrange them by holding the bunch against the table.

3. Round a rubber band around the pencils, role one or two times, depending upon how tight is your bunch of pencils.

4. Take the fabric ribbon and wrap it around the yellow pencils and make sure the rubber band is not visible. Tie the ribbon and give it bow shape to make it look more classic. You can even draw a message to your guests by drawing two parallel lines on a note-card and writing the message and then placing the same under the ribbon of the bouquet.

5. Repeat the same procedure with the colored pencils and wrap the same color fabric ribbon around the bunch. You can also use pencils that have printed messages on it to give it a personal touch. For a bouquet vase, you can use a pencil cup and decorate the bouquet vase according to the color of your pencil.

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