DIY: How to make soy candle eco friendly wedding favors

Do you think that your eco-friendly conscious won’t let you impart nothing but a eco-friendly wedding favors to the wedding guests of yours? If so, then this DIY is just made for you to try and finish. It will teach you that how you can make the soy candle wedding favors using only the materials that are recycled with some added natural elements of course. These soy candle favors at the same time would be a very cheap method to show your love to your wedding participants.

DIY Soy candle wedding favors

Difficulty level: Easy

Time required: 20-30 minutes

Things needed

Only and only the eco-friendly items are needed for this process of making the eco friendly favors. And here are all of what you will have to gather before you start with the steps:

Things needed

· A wick

· Soy wax (flakes)

· Recycled jars

· Natural fragrance oil

· Chopsticks


1. Take a non-stick pan or just a simple pan and melt the soy wax in it. As the soy was melts do add some of the natural oil fragrance and natural dye (if you wish to add some color to your soy candles).

Step 1

2. Now leave the molten wax to cool down in the pan only.

3. Wash and dry the recycled jars that you have chosen as the containers for your soy wax candles.

4. Pour the wax into these jars with the chopstick in the middle attached with the wick. Leave about a quarter inch of wick on the upper part of the wax layer.

Step 4

5. Take an eco-friendly ribbon or the paper and make tags out of it to make the favors more personalized; write down the names of the wedding guests to whom you will be presenting these favors.

6. Cover the jars with a cotton cloth piece (cut in a rounded or a square shape).

7. Tie a ribbon to the neck of the jar with the cloth along.

8. If you like then you can put an additional label denoting the name of the scent that the jar is carrying to the top of the cloth.

Step 8

Things to watch out for

· Use variety of scents to create a variety of the soy candles.

· If you are using the recycled glass jars then insure that they are not damaged or that would lead to injury or cuts to one’s hands.

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