DIY: Ice candles for winter wedding

Beautiful ice candles can be a great winter wedding decoration idea as we all know that winter is a perfect time to get hooked and you can bring numerous colors and creative ideas of this beautiful season to your wedding decoration. So, turn your wedding into a winter wonderland by incorporating these beautiful ice candles to your wedding décor. They are inexpensive and really easy to make.

Ice candles for a winter wedding

Things you need

Rocks, water and duct tape

Plastic containers in two different sizes

Tea lights


1. First of all, add small rocks to the plastic containers. This will give them little weight.

Ice candles for a winter wedding

2. Now, add cold water to the containers. Keep it by the level of 2/3. Smaller container shouldn’t be pressed all the way to the bottom of the large containers.

3. Now, take large containers and put rock-filled small containers in these large containers.

4. Duck tape helps in holding the containers in place so, use the tape until you feel your containers in will displace from their place.

Ice candles for a winter wedding

5. Then place these containers in refrigerator for the whole night.

Ice candles for a winter wedding

6. Now, so as to release the smaller container form ice, fill these large containers with cold water. Using hot water can crack the ice so, use cold water only.

Ice candles for a winter wedding

7. Just add a tea light and you are done with it. Really beautiful!

Source : intimateweddings

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