DIY: Rosemary and honey jars wedding favors

Summers are just on the doorsteps and so are the beautiful and enchanting summer weddings. So are you looking for some summer wedding favor ideas? If the answer is a ‘yes’ in your case then read and apply this DIY of making rosemary and honey jars that will make your wedding guests feel special. This is a very small DIY process with minimum of the clutter. It will make an enjoyable inexpensive wedding favor at the same time.

DIY Rosemary and honey jars wedding favors

Difficulty level: Too Easy!

Time required: 5-10 minutes for each jar

Things needed:

Things needed

· Little jars with their lids

· Cheese cloth

· Round puncher

· A thick ribbon (measuring half an inch)

· Paper sheet (adhesive)

· Honey

· Rosemary

· Glue/ Hot glue gun


These steps will enlighten you to finish this lovely DIY:

1. Take the little jars and clean them with water. Remove them of the stains, if any. Let these jars dry in sunlight.

2. When the jars have dried up wrap all of them with cotton ribbons.

3. So as to hold the ribbon in positions secure them with the glue dab from the hot glue gun.

4. Get a design for your rosemary and honey wedding favors and then print them nicely on the adhesive paper sheet that you have with yourself. Punch the labels with the help of the round puncher.

5. Place these labels onto the middle of the jars where the ribbons have been attached prior in the DIY.

Step 5

6. Take the rosemary sprigs and start trimming them so that they can be contained inside the little jars in their natural shapes.

7. When you have got the rosemary sprigs inside your little jars then pour the honey in them.

8. Take a square shaped cheese cloth and place it on the opening mouth of the jars.

Step 8

9. In the final step you will close the lid of the little jars.

Things to watch out for

· The rosemary sprigs must neither be too long nor too short.

· When you close the lid of the rosemary honey jars in the finalizing step then you must cut off the excess of the cheese cloth.

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