Exquisite fall wedding flowers

Fall has been one of the most famous times for weddings since decades. The natural foliage and the weather at this point of year are great and romance is in the air. Just like the uniqueness of the weddings that are planned in this very season, everything has to be looked after quite elegantly and intelligently. While looking for your fall wedding flowers, you must know about the kind of flowers that look best in this season. To give a beautiful idea we have with us the fall wedding flowers that look exquisite and just go with the theme and the surroundings quite well.

Mini Calla Lilies

Mini calla Lilies are one of the favorites for the wedding couples when it comes to the cut flowers. They are too good for the wedding bouquets, boutonnieres and the centerpieces. They can be found with ease during any point of time in the year. For the fall weddings they are just the perfect choice to make. You can use dried up leaves or flower stems in conjugation with these flowers. These flowers that are trumpet in their shape will make the wedding look royal and elegant.


Well you can bet that the chrysanthemums are perfect flowers to be used as the fall wedding flowers. Ask any florist; he or she will have them in abundance during the fall wedding season. These flowers come in variety of shapes and sizes just like buttons, pompons and the daisy like looks. The colors that you will get in them will be like red, purple, yellow and white which are good to be used as the traditional wedding flowers as well. They make wonderful fillers to the bouquets and the centerpieces used at the weddings.


The flowers that originated in the south and east parts of Africa make surprisingly great wedding flowers for the fall. They can be easily found in any normal floral shops. They have a spiky look with the beautiful inflorescence of the singular flowers. They make good centerpieces and without doubt they can be used with the other wedding decorations. The brides can choose them to be a part of their bridal bouquets as well. They represent the fall colors and symbolize good luck as well.


Too coveted in its natural style dahlias make exquisite fall wedding flowers. They hail from the parts of Mexico but now they can be found in every corner of the world because of their popularity. Mainly you will find them in the colors like red and yellows which are much vibrant colors to choose for your big day. They have a large number of petals and that makes them differently different in their class. They can be used as the wedding ceremony pieces and to decorate the bridal and the other wedding bouquets.


The fall or autumn is the season when you will find the hydrangeas flowers in good quantity. They are too classic a choice for the weddings. If you decide to go for them, then you have plenty of colors ready for you to explore and exploit. Good news for you is that they make inexpensive and an affordable choice as the wedding flowers for the fall. They can be used in all the wedding bouquets as well as the decorative centerpieces.

Burgundy roses

If you are thinking of using the roses as your wedding flowers then you must not leave these. Natural or the artificial ones, both of them will go just fine. The colors like burgundy and brown looks great in roses. For the weddings that are scheduled in the autumn time. You can use the dried up leaves and other colored roses like ivory or the cream ones to make a bridal bouquet. These will also make wonderful looking centerpieces for sure.


Actually named after the Greek word for the ‘stars’ asters have all the elements that make a beautiful fall wedding flower. They have a similar look like daisies and they do look like stars too! They can easily be found during the late summers and early fall period. They had been used for quite a long time in the weddings. They make gorgeous bridal and the bridesmaid bouquets and apart from that they can serve to be lovely additions to the table centerpieces.


Found in red, yellow and orange colors marigolds have great fragrance with them. They are the wedding flowers that set a varied background with the decorations in which they have been set. They make quite brilliant looking centerpieces for the fall weddings. Moreover, they can be used in the caskets that are carried by the flower girls. The wedding reception tables and the wedding cake table can be given good touches with the petals of marigold spread around. These flowers are low priced and come handy to any wedding budget.


Purple, blue and violet colored statice flowers are a great choice for the fall wedding flowers. They can be well mixed with the flowers of other kinds that are available at the time of the autumn to form the good assorted fall wedding bouquets. For the weddings that have less of pomp and show, these flowers do make a simple, beautiful and sophisticated choice. Make sure that you mix them well with the flowers like calla lilies if you make a wedding bouquet out of them.


The brides who love being unique in the choices they make have sure to think of picking these lovely flowers named zinnia for their D-day. These do have some touch of magic with them. They are not commonly used as the wedding flowers and that is the reason why they look so different when they are actually used! Zinnias look rich in the blooms that they have and they represent cheerfulness to the maximum extent. Autumn is the best time to use these flowers for the purpose of wedding. They are unconventional but a wise choice in these modern times. So just go for them.

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