Feng Shui wedding gifts and items for love and happy married life

Crystal multi-faceted globe

Whether you believe in the concept of Feng Shui or not, it’s been around for millennia. Said to have originated in China, it follows the theory of flowing energies. In English, the term translates into ‘wind-water’. The use of Feng Shui helps to draw positive energy in order to gain wealth, happiness, stability and peace of mind. Its popularity appears to be rising in modern times with Westerners applying it to their way of living.  Check out here for the must have Feng Shui wedding gifts for couples.

Mystic jade puzzle ball Feng Shui wedding gifts

In Feng Shui, the dragon and the phoenix are said to be the perfect couple. The mystic jade puzzle ball incorporates these two figures to create a ‘yin-yang’ balance; where, the dragon is the yang or male, and the phoenix is the yin, or female. The puzzle ball is made out of jade; a stone believed to have healing and protective powers. To bring in a higher level of happiness in your married life, you can get yourself one of these puzzle balls.

Rose quartz love birds

This charming piece is perfect for igniting romance in your marriage. The two lovebirds, symbolizing a couple in love, are crafted out of rose quartz with a pale pink hue. The birds, which face each other, are depicted sitting on a lily pad made out of jade, which is a stone noted for its healing and protective properties. For the Chinese, birds are the ultimate symbol of the union between man and woman and in Feng Shui, two birds, as opposed to one, help enhance love!

Crystal lotus flowers Feng Shui wedding gifts

In Feng Shui, crystals are said to harness positive energy to a space. The lotus, meanwhile, represents peace and purity. Put the two together; and you have yourself a powerful tool to guarantee you a happy married life. Crystal lotus flowers are best placed near a window where they can reflect sunlight to create peaceful energy. They can also be positioned facing the southwest to enhance luck for home and for business. To heighten the chances of bringing in positive energy, choose crystal lotus flowers that have blossomed and feature numerous petals.

Dragon & phoenix figurine or pendants

Get yourself these dragon and phoenix pendants or figurines to enhance happiness in your marriage. The dragon depicts the male or yang while the phoenix is symbolic of the female or yin. The two balance each other out to create yin-yang, an Asian philosophical concept that shows how complementary opposites exist only in relation to the other. If you want to attract happiness in your marriage or in you family life in general; then, place these bronze-based figurines and pendants in the living room. They can also be displayed in the center of an office space to bring success to business endeavors.

Double fishes Feng Shui wedding gifts

Couples seeking to strengthen their marriage and enhance love would do well to purchase this double fish wall hanging Feng Shui item. Intricately crafted out of red thread, the wall hanging symbolizes a happy married life. The item is especially significant  to bring happiness and success to a married relationship. According to the Feng Shui philosophy, the red color attributes to success. This item is also perfect for singles who are looking for a partner. Place the double fish wall hanging in the southwest area of your bedroom.

Elephant figurines Feng Shui wedding gifts

The planet’s largest land animal, the elephant, figures importantly in Feng Shui. A symbol of strength, wealth and fertility; an raised trunk elephant figurine brings in positive energy to influence success and endurance. You can purchase one depicting a solitary elephant or a herd of them to bring happiness to your marriage. For best results; place the figurines high up on a mantle or a shelf. You can also place them in near the entrance hall although not directly facing the doorway.

Quan Yin goddess statue

The deity, Quan Yin, is a dominant figure in Feng Shui. She represents spirituality and strength; and, is sometimes depicted holding a lotus in her palm or pouring a stream of water. Married couples can use a figurine of this deity or the statue, to strengthen their marriage and bring in happiness. Also known as the Goddess of Mercy; the dragon sometimes accompanies her as a motif to add power to the figurine. Place it in a room to cleanse a home of negative energy, marital problems and arguments. Over time, you’ll notice a calmer atmosphere prevailing at home.

Crystal multi-faceted globe

Feel life energy flow around you with this crystal multi-faceted globe. The sphere sits on a wooden stand and bends light into colorful hues. As per the belief, the crystal globe activates ‘chi’ or life energy; in a home to create a peaceful atmosphere. As light hits the globe and bends, it creates colorful hues. This also activates ‘chi’; and, radiates the room. Since crystals are an important symbol of earth energy; many people use them to enhance success and happiness. To draw love and happiness into your marriage, place the globe in southwest position.

Rose quartz pig Feng Shui wedding gifts

In Feng Shui, the pig symbolizes honesty, fortitude and simplicity. This rose quartz pig will add romance to your relationship by instilling love and sensitivity in you and your partner. The figurine is also said to strengthen the heart and the sexual organs. People believe that this figurine also helps with fertility and sexual problems. The hand carved figurine is made out of soft pink colored quartz; and, you can consider this as a wedding gift to enhance happiness and love in a marriage.

Feng Shui wedding gifts- Rose quartz happy Buddha

The laughing Buddha symbolizes happiness and peace and coupled with quartz, will help heal marital problems. Place this beautiful crafted rose quartz happy Buddha in the southwest direction; preferably high up on a mantel. This is because, it brings in good luck in the marriage.


Married couples, who desire to strengthen their bond, would do well to incorporate Feng Shui items in and around their home. Like all methods of geomancy, there’s no guarantee that this ancient practice will make your married life happier. So if you want to bring in happiness and heal yourself, you need to bring in positive energy . This is why, many people even consider Feng Shui as a tool to create closeness between couples.

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