How to make hanging jar tea light holder for your wedding day

Are you waiting for the most romantic day of your life? Yes, I am talking about your wedding. This day can be more attractive and memorable with beautiful lights and decorative items. You may have seen all those beautiful tea lights hanging on trees in outdoor weddings but sometimes people drop the idea because these items increase your wedding budget to a large extent. But, you can also make your own hanging jar lights and it just needs some creativity to make these decorative items. Nowadays people spend a lot of money on the various lighting items. Especially for the wedding days, they prefer most attractive and mind blowing atmosphere. Event management companies can reap a lot of profit by creating a beautiful wedding venue. So here are some amazing tips for you to make your own hanging jar tea light and make your wedding day, a memorable one.

Hanging decorative lamp

Decoration of the wedding venue depends on the type of wedding. According to the interests of the clients traditional or themed wedding atmospheres can be created. On the other side, if you wish for a simple but romantic wedding day, you can opt for some simple decorative ideas. Artificial flowers and bouquets can be made using necessary materials. Likewise, using colorful satin clothes and ribbons you can decorate the venue. Lighting is another important factor that can create a mood. Especially you should be more creative on the illumination part.

Hanging lamps are the most romantic embellishments for your wedding day. From market, you can purchase charming lamps of different colors and sizes. At the same time, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the decorative items, you can opt for hand made decorative items. Hanging lamps can be created with some cheap materials. Almost all the materials for making this lamp are available at your house. Not only that, but also the method of preparation is quite easy. After all, you have to make it more attractive by adding beautiful decorations. If you are ready to follow the tips ,without spending a single penny you can make arrangements for your wedding day.

Here are few ways of creating hanging lamps. Read these tips carefully and collect all required materials from your house. Make your own hanging mason jar tea light holder for illuminating your wedding day. Definitely, it will be the center of attraction.

Complexity level: Easy

Time required: 45 minutes

Estimated cost: NA

Things you will need

1. A beautiful jar

2. Ribbons

3. Heavy floral wire

4. Wire Cutters

5. Matches or lighter

6. Tea lights

Method of creating the hanging jar decorative lamp

Step1: Take the jar and wash it. If any label is pasted on the jar, peel it off and clean the surface of the jar clearly.

Step 2: Wrap the floral wire around the bottom side of the jar. Cut the wire leaving few inches longer. The wire can be used around the mouth of the jar. Using the wire, make a circle without closing it.

Step 3: Cut another two pieces from the floral wire. These will be the handles of the lamp. Make loops and fix them on opposing sides of the floral wire wrap with the help of a wire cutter.

Step 4: Now it is time to place the floral wire around the neck of the jar with the handles together. Twist and fasten the wire around the mouth of the jar as tight as you can, so that it will not be loosened. Then cut off the excess length.

Step 5: Using another piece of long wire or ribbon, create a loop and tie the loop on the handles. Now the lamp is ready.

Step 6: Place a beautiful tea light candle light inside the jar. Lit the lamp.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How can we make the jar more attractive?

Ans. You can paint the jar using acrylic paints or glass paints to make it more colorful and attractive. Embellish the lamp with satin ribbon and artificial flowers. Surely you can use perfumed candles inside the jar to spread the fragrance all around.

Things to watch out for

  • Always remember to use a jar with a wide mouth so that you can easily place the candles inside the jar.
  • Use a strong glass jar that can withstand heat.
  • Before using, clean the jar thoroughly.
  • You can put some sand inside the jar to make a base for the candle light.

Whatever may be the wedding plans, decorations make them more important. So start making plans for your wedding day. Read more about wedding decoration tips and ideas. If you have enough creativity and patience, you can implement your own decorative tips and receive a lot of appreciation from your friends and family.

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