Hot pink bridal theme ideas for your big day

No doubt pink is the most popular color especially among brides and is widely used in various weddings. This color of love will perfectly define your feelings towards the person you love but, there are a lot things that you should keep in mind before using this color as a wedding theme. You can either use it as a secondary or you can make it a primary color complementing with other contrasting colors matching the color theme of your wedding. Here are some great ideas.

Hot pink bridal theme

  1. If you are planning a tropical wedding, using a hot pink color a secondary color is a great idea. Incorporate colors like orange, bright yellow and pink for the bridal bouquet. You can even use hot pink for the cake decorations as it reflects the tropical atmosphere.
  2. Use this color for the decoration of the wedding venue. Use hot pink ribbons in wedding invitation cards and centerpieces. Try to make combination such that hot pink be a feature color. Feature brown, cream and hot pink colors to decorate the venue, this will make a cool combination highlighting pink as the main color.
  3. If you don’t want to feature hot pink with brown and cream color, then pair it with white color and light beige. This will flaunt the hot pink color more subtly.
  4. Go for hot pink color theme if you are planning a whimsical wedding. Pink wedding dress, having a knee length will add a feeling of punk. Use hot pink color ribbons to tie black boxes coating wedding favors.
  5. Using various shades of pink is another great idea to incorporate your favorite colors into your wedding. Soft pink, rosy pink and maroon colors can be incorporated with the hot pink (make hot pink as the primary color).

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