How to deal with a money minded spouse

If your life partner is money minded, then we can always assume what a challenge it is for you to prove to him that money cannot buy everything. Money minded spouses become pathetically irritating at times. You might often find that such men prioritize money above everything. In such a condition if you think of dissolving the marriage, you can never be held guilty. But, it is also true that calling it quits must not be the ultimate solution as your spouse can be a gentleman otherwise. Therefore, we suggest you some wiser ways for dealing with your money minded husband. Read on and improve your marital relationship.

Quarrelling never works

The first tip we will give you to handle a money minded husband is to refrain from quarreling. Frankly speaking, money minded spouse never realizes his faults. Rather, he thinks that you should be at the receiving end, being a spendthrift. So, quarreling and fighting will neither do any good nor change your spouse’s potential behavior. It will only create bitterness in your relationship.

Ask him to run the family

Your spouse might be so engrossed with his love for money that he will have very little time to spend for you. Take the bold step. Ask him to run the family for the month. Although he will object, stay deaf eared. When he is forced to run the family, he will automatically feel the need of having a family life. He will also love getting connected to you all instead of money.

Exchange your roles

Take this as a game and ask your husband to exchange roles for a month. You become extremely money minded too and behave in the same fashion as he does. Never let him feel that you are acting, but give him enough hints that the success of a relationship is not counted by the circulation of wealth in it, but love and care. Gradually, he will change for sure.

Love him

Money minded spouses often have other issues that get reflected in such a manner. You might often feel that it is money is everything for him. But you need to take necessary steps to change him. Therefore, love him unconditionally without brooding about your life. This will surely melt his heart one day.

Make him realize that there are things above money

Let him feel that there are things in life that cannot be bought by money. You can do this by certain chances in your life. Enjoy your leisure with him, try to console him when he feels shattered, help him get over tensions and crack jokes that bring humor in your life. If he is sensible he will surely understand that money can never buy all these things.

Change his life’s priorities

Money centric minds remain rigid with their principles, as they literally shut their window to the outside world. You need to open that. Change the life priorities. Go to watch theaters together, enjoy light-hearted movies and make exciting plans for weekends. His sole loyalty towards money will curb gradually.

Mix with people

Instead of blaming him directly for his money mindedness, take him to various groups where your husband will be able to meet people with similar family structures and financial stakes. You do not have to tell him anything. Everything will be clear to him when he analyses how such couples spend their lives and what is his behavior towards you and the family.

Make small sacrifices

You need to prove that love is above everything and money cannot win over it. So, make small sacrifices for him. Let him feel that his togetherness is more important for you than materialistic pleasures. So, give up things he does not like. Your sacrifices will count.

Buy him inspirational books

Inspirational books on great men change lives. So, your husband will not be an exception too. Gift him some books. As he reads them he will realize that materialistic pleasure is futile. Relationships, emotions, commitments, love, etc. are some of the primary things that are essential for living happily.

Do not leave him alone

Money minded people think that money is their best companion. Your spouse must have the same conception too. So, you should be sanguine never to leave him alone. Always make him a part of your pleasures. Ask your children to spend time with him. He will definitely find the company of his family worth treasuring than money.

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