How to make backlighting for your wedding

Backlighting is an important part of any wedding ceremony decoration and it helps in setting up a perfect mood of celebration. Backlights make your reception area look beautiful and add a dazzling shine to it. Small spotlights upward behind backdrops can bring life to any boring wedding ceremony. You can yourself create these back-lights for the wedding and little creativity is all you need to make it successful project. Here are some ideas.

Backlighting for your wedding

Things you need

2 PVC bases

Chiffon curtains

3 straight PVC pipes

2 PVC elbow joints

Aluminized reflector (parabolic)


1. Take both PVC bases and place one PVC straight pipes into them creating vertical sides of the frame.

2. Now join one PVC joint (elbow) on vertical straight pipe, this will help in making horizontal pipes, vertical and bases firm.

3. Now, move transparent fabric curtains onto PVC pipe, you will be using it as the horizontal pipe on the frame. The number of curtains added to the PVC pipe are directly proportional to the better resolution of wall pleating.

4. Create a horizontal frame by moving the end of curtained PVC pipe into the open ends of elbow joints.

5. Now, it’s time to put the PAR lights behind the curtain pleats and curtained frame, set the lights according to the place (preferably, you can set them towards the ceiling). Make sure you set up the backlighting area near the electricity outlets.

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