How to make doily and cupcake liner wedding garland

One of the best things to add charm to your wedding décor is right here with us and the good news is that you can DIY it with minimal of the effort! In this DIY, we will let you know the methodology of creating the doily and cupcake liner garlands. This will serve to be a great romantic addition to any wedding décor. Also it will add some handmade touch to the wedding decorations that will make you fill with pride when the wedding guests will compliment its structure and beauty.

Doily and cupcake liner wedding garland

Difficulty level: Easy

Time required: 10-15 minutes

Things needed:

Things needed

· Cup-cake liners

· Thread

· Tea

· White doilies

· A sauce pan

· Water


1. Take the sauce pan and fill it with water. Put 5-6 tea bags in it and brew the tea for a while. You must get as much as dark of the color to the brewed tea.

Step 1

2. Add the doilies to the pan for up to 15 odd minutes.

3. Remove the doilies from the pan and keep them on a soak towel to lose the water and dry off completely.

Step 3

4. Now, take a needle and thread it making a knot at one end.

Step 4

5. Take the cupcake liners and the doilies and thread them using the needle.

Step 5

6. Keep stacking the doilies and the cupcake liners to the length that you would like the garland to have.

Step 6

7. Hang the doily and the cupcake liner garland to the desired area of the wedding reception.

Step 7

Things to watch out for

· When pinning the needle always take one item at a single time of needling.

· It is good that you before measure the length of the area, across which you will put the garland finally.

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