How to make your own wedding burlap flower bouquet

Burlap flower bouquet

Bouquets are traditionally an important part of the wedding ceremony. Especially, they are essential for brides and every bride has a dream to steal ayes while walking down the aisle and a flower bouquet plays an important role in making or breaking her look. Now imagine you are carrying a flower bouquet that is a completely different from the bouquets used in most of the weddings – I think you won’t say no to one! Burlap flower bouquet is one such kind. Here we are with one of the most popular DIY projects to make burlap flower bouquet to add a dash of glamor to your looks.

Things you will need

Wedding flower bouquet


Floral stems



Pearl pins

Glue gun

Time required

Half an hour


Wedding burlap flower bouquet

1. First of all just cut burlap about 2 inches thick and you can make length according to the size of your bouquet. The ideal length for 2 inch thick burlap would be one foot.

2. Glue the tip of stem into the end part of the strip.

3. Then just roll the stem into burlap and keep gluing it alongside.

4. You can roll the stem until it looks like a center bud of the flower.

5. Take a strip from your bud making a fold that is far away from you and tight the folding piece to the stem- it will make your petals.

6. Then cover the first petal and in the same way create another one but this time take a backward fold.

7. Glue two fold in place and put blue near to the base of your flower.

8. Keep on doing the same until you have not completed the entire row and fix the glue gun so as to fix the flower there.

9. Base should be strong so try to cover or use the remaining fabric to make it as thick as possible.

10. And, that’s your burlap flower bouquet!

Via: labellebride

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