How to make photo lanterns for your wedding decoration

We have something here that would be a great lighting addition to any outdoor garden wedding or even the indoor wedding ceremony. These are the photo lanterns that you can tie to a tree if you are having an outdoor themed wedding. In case of the indoor wedding venues you can just place these wherever you feel like. It’s a great idea that requires little of expertise though yielding great fun filled results. It will be one of the things that your wedding invitees will talk for a long-long time.

Photo lanterns for wedding decor

Difficulty level: Moderately easy

Time required: 30 minutes

Things needed

You will require these things to start with the DIY photo lanterns project:

· Lanterns

· Vellum

· Spray adhesive

· Digital photographs

· Tea lights (battery powered)

· Scissors


1. Remove the glass out of the lanterns. It is advisable to get the store bought lanterns as a lot of time will get consumed in making them on your own.


2. Get the digital photographs just of the size that you have at all the faces of the lanterns. You can use any digital pictures but they have to be printed to the vellum. They may relate to your wedding theme.

3. Cut the extra part of the images on vellum.

4. Now spray the adhesive to the glass surfaces and glue all the vellum with the images that you have.

5. Put the tea light that is battery operated into the inner base of the lanterns.

6. Replace all the glasses now.

7. Tie these to some tree near the wedding venue if you have an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Photo lanterns for outdoor wedding

8. For indoors you can just place them as table centerpieces.

Photo lanterns for indoor weddings

Things to watch out for

· Do wear gloves when removing the glass out of the lanterns.

· Try to get the best quality images to the vellum.

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