How to make wedding bouquets

Don’t like the idea of getting the expensive wedding bouquets from the wedding flower market? Well here is a solution for you of course. To add creativity and to make your wedding a more personalized endeavor you can make them all by yourself. All you need is some time and a little bit of practice with making of the bouquets. This way you will save some of the money from your wedding budget which you can then utilize in other wedding preparations. So just keep reading on to know the simple and creative process of making the wedding bouquets.

Wedding bouquets

Difficulty level: Easy

Time required: 15-20 minutes for a single bouquet

Things needed

The things that you will need to accomplish your task are as follows:

· Stem cutter

· A tub to wash flowers

· Stemmed flowers (As per the need for different bridal bouquets)

· Paper towels

· Rubber elastic bands

· Ribbons

· Pins (straight)

· Decorative items


By following these simple steps with proper care and order you will be able to create beautiful wedding bouquets:

1. Choose your wedding flowers that you intend to use at your wedding. Just ensure that you have good stemmed flowers to make the foundation of the bouquets.

2. Try sorting out the unnecessary items that you have in the flowers like thorns and the unwanted sepals or something. To do it in a perfect way you can use the vegetable knife that can easily be found in any kitchen.

3. Wash the stems of the flower under running tap water over a tub. Trim the stems for about 5-6 centimeters to get an equivalent size of them.

4. Put all the flowers in a bucket filled with water until you need to make the bouquets. That means the above steps have to be completed 1-2 days before the wedding day.

5. Now in the next step, you will create the center of the bouquet with four primary flowers that have an erect uncut stem.

6. Keep putting the stemmed flowers that you need in your bouquet, one by one around the primary four flowers foundation. For example, a foundation of calla lilies is mixed with the roses to the periphery of the bouquet.

7. Tie rubber bands around the stems where they meet the flower base to hold them in unison. And cover it well by tying a ribbon around the formation.

8. Cut the stems again if the flowers vary in the stem sizes, with a stem cutter and dry the flowers with a paper towel.

9. Place the straight pins into the ribbon area along with other decorative items spread around in a good manner. You can use the pearl tipped straight pins to make your wedding bouquet look more glamorous.

Things to watch out for

· Choose flowers that look good together when you assort them in the bouquets.

· Be careful while you sort out the thorns in flowers such as roses.

· Do keep the stem under the running water only while you trim them as that will help them to remain hydrated for a longer period.

· Take care of the symmetry of the wedding bouquets.

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