How to be a perfect wife any man would want

Do you often hear your husband remark, “Try to be a good wife”? Do not take it on your ego and start quarreling with your spouse on this. We will suggest that you should rather introspect yourself to find out where you are lagging behind in order to satisfy the criteria of a good wife. But to tell you the truth, self analysis is a really challenging job. So, we have picked up some factors that make one a good wife. Read them and find out where you are falling short off and which qualities should you pick up in order to make your husband proud of having a wife like you!

Be pleasing to him

Most often than not, wives forget that they get reciprocated back in the similar way as they behave with their husband. So, the first thing you should take up is to be pleasant with your husband. Instead of behaving like an alien, try to be supportive, understanding and kind so that your spouse treasures your company instead of running away from you. Neat and clean appearance, smiling face and pleasant tone should be your major characteristics to win your husband’s heart.

Respect your spouse

You must have heard that respect earns respect. Never humiliate or criticize your husband unnecessarily. Rather, learn to be happy with your husband’s achievements and respect his views. Even if you have a difference of opinion with him, never insult him. Be courteous while conveying your opinion. Specially check your action and of course, your tongue when you are in front of others as men cannot tolerate being abused when others are present.

Be communicative

The foundation of a healthy relationship rests on healthy communication. Therefore, in order to be a good wife you must continue having a healthy and transparent communication system with your husband. Never maintain unnecessary secrecy with your spouse or else he will lose his faith in you once the secrets gets revealed. Insist that you have a regular communication with him, so that it never appears to him that you live as two aliens under the same roof. If you take the effort you can expect him to be open to you too. This will strengthen your marital bond in the process too.

Be a friend

The best wife is one who is the best friend of her spouse. So, bang upon your friendship in order to be considered as a good wife. A good friend is one on whom a person can confide in, seek for support when in distress and get sound advice too. So, stop being a typical wife and find out ways to strengthen your bond of friendship with him if you wish to be considered as a valuable person in his life.

Stop nagging

Whether you accept it or not, nagging is extremely killing. So, if you have been nagging so far and expecting that your husband will treasure your company, then it is the dumbest thought of all. Stop being a nagging wife and see the positive transformation in your relationship! We are not saying that restraining from nagging will mean that you need to accept whatever your husband does, just like a passive vegetable! But, there are better ways to make your husband agree to you. Prioritize on those instead of cramming his head with your nagging and pestering.

Show your appreciation

Living together with the same person for years makes our emotions blunt. To be more specific on this, we forget to appreciate our husband or acknowledge him for a really praiseworthy job. In the same situation when he gets appreciations from a third person, it is quite logical that he may think you are never happy with him and he is not a lucky man with a good wife. Wives are mostly happy with their husbands but it is just that they forget to express that feeling. So, now it is the time to show that feeling and be regarded as a good wife.

Be committed

If you ever step out of your marital bond, marriage gets the first blow. This makes your image tarnished in front of your husband and makes him loose his faith and belief in you. Never let that happen. Never try to seek happiness in a third person when your husband fails to satisfy you. Be a loyal wife and talk to him about what you want. He will believe in you and definitely try to live up to your expectations. But it is also practical that no one is entirely happy and we all live with mixed expectations. Thus, learn living with some good and some bad without letting an intruder enter your life to give a magical makeover! Your husband will always feel lucky to have a good wife like you if you are loyal to him.

Do not be a ‘guardian’

You should never watch you husband like he is a kid or pet of yours. Let him have his liberty and enjoy whatever he likes. Likewise, a husband should also love his wife and have complete faith in her. Even she will need the minimal of the liberty and freedom that makes her feel happy. Do not give remarks that show that you are being guardian of him or her all the time.

Do not insult his family unnecessarily

It is quite common that you might have grave differences with your in-laws and things might be intolerable at times. But if you keep on insulting them always, your husband might get pissed off. We never ask you to dance to the tunes of your in-laws. But the best thing to do is to be a bit indifferent towards them and avoid them. Do not find a scope of dragging them in each and every quarrel you have with your husband and insulting them out of the context!

Be a hot diva in bed

Try to be seductive in your looks and action. Flirt when your husband is around. Buy some good sexy looking clothes for you. You can even go for a lingerie and make a surprise to your hubby. Sometimes if you do not feel the urge to have sex with him then another time you must fulfill all his demands. Give him what he wants and he will be your love slave.

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